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Version 2.2 Update:
I've added an Update file. It changes several of the "Pants" meshes to reduce the kilts/skirts length to better show off the pants. Also added Fur to the Nordplate and Orcish armors to make them look more comfortable. Simply install the Update over the original. Only works with the craftable non-replacer version.

Also includes a fixed ESP. The Buff Male Dragonscale was accidentally set to use the Female Model.

Version 2.1 Update:
Craftable Non-Replacer version available. This little package adds crafting recipes for buff armor and half armor, leaving the vanilla armors untouched. Buff armors primarily have the sleeves only removed, while half armors are missing the pants as well. Just look at the screenshots.

Also, the standalone armors have had their AC and weight reduced by approximately 25%.

Version 2.0 update:
All files have been converted to superior meshes, and all fully support custom textures.
Female version now added.

If you want a little more variety, check out the satellite pages for each armor for more variants (I didn't feel like hosting 58 seperate files here.)

Female Daedric, Dragonbone, Dragonscale, Ebony:

Female Dwarven and Elven:

Female Nordplate, Orcish and Glass:

Male Ebony and Daedric:

Male DragonBone and DragonScale:

Male Dwarven and Elven Armor:

Male Glass Armor:

Male Nordplate and Orcish:

Version 1.1 update:
I've added a seperate file that contains pants on all the meshes. To install, simply drop into your skyrim\data folder and let it overwrite everything.

Also added an updated version of the "no pants" Ebony armor.

Howdy Y'all!

So I made this buff nord character. The vanilla armors make him look pudgy... so I let out the sleeves.

This is a replacer mod for the Daedric/Dragonbone/Dragonscale/Dwarven/Ebony/Elven/Nordplate/Orcish/Glass armors. Simply combine the data folder in the RAR archive with the Data Folder in your skyrim directory. To uninstall, locate all of the meshes and delete them.


Q: Will this mod work with my custom armor textures?
A: Yes!

Q: Will this mod work with custom male bodies?
A: Works with Robert's and CBBE. Haven't tested any others.

Q: Will there be a stand alone version?
A: Yes. Soon.

Q: Does this work with the body weight slider?
A: Yes. However, it was designed for the largest muscle setting. So if your character is a scrawny little thing, he'll look even scrawnier with his arms exposed.

Q: Will there be a female version?
A: There is now.

Q: Don't you think revealing armor is a bit impractical?
A: Not at all. Suits of full armor were incredibly rare in history, and once the technology was availible to build full plate more efficiently, it was quickly rendered useless by gunpowder. Besides, less bulky plates means better mobility.

Q: Are there any more sleeveless armors in the works?
A: Possibly: Nightingale, Blades, Wolf (Companions)

Q: When I look up my character's skirt, there's nothing there! Why?
A: Because kids play these games.

If you find any tears or artifacts (Pixels floating near the body or holes in the mesh) please leave a comment on the nexus describing EXACTLY where it is located. Some of the meshes will have minor glitches that are beyond my ability to fix.


Bethesda, for creating the best game I've played in a long time and filling it with great armors to mod.
Nifskope, for making all this possible.
GIMP, FOMM and DDS Converter by Bluehair: These tools are essential for modding, and free, so kudos to their developers.
The Nexus Forums: For occasionally having a quick answer to some of the obscure problems I ran into.

Terms of Use:
Do whatever you want with this. I made it for my enjoyment, and I shared it for your enjoyment.