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Adds 5 spells that allow you to charge your equipped weapon or fill your soul gems.

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After playing Skyrim for a while it gets annoying to have to constantly use Soul Trap so you can charge your weapons. Also when roleplaying as a good character I always felt uneasy about using the souls of my slain foes to charge/enchant my stuff, so I made this mod. 

Click here for the Special Edition Version.

In version 1.6 I added an MCM. I also added the option to restrict filling soul gems based on your enchanting level, as better soul gems will yield better enchantments. I redid the default experience defaults, and now both magic and enchantment experience is added via script. I also cleaned up the scripts, and fixed some minor things. See below for new defaults. Because of this, I would recommend setting the spells to default settings if updating from a previous version.

In version 1.5 you can now fill Azura's Star and the Black Star. Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with this version. This is because to fill those stars I had to do a work around. The mod places an invisible actor near you, then casts soul trap, then kills the actor, so it works just like soul trap. So, if you have one of the stars, and a soul gem of greater size than the spell you are casting, it will fill that soul gem with a lesser soul, unless you have Acquisitive Soul Gems installed. When filling a star, please wait a few seconds! It takes a little bit to work.

This mod adds 5 spells so you can use your Magicka to charge your weapon, or fill a soul gem. When you cast one of these spells, the weapon in your other hand will recharge. If there isn't a weapon in your other hand, or if the weapon is already fully charged, it will fill its respective soul gem if there is an empty one in your inventory.

To keep things balanced, and to prevent you spamming the spells too much, when you cast the spells your magicka regen rate will be reduced for a set amount of time, between 30 and 70 seconds. This is also based on your enchanting level. The higher your level, the less your regen rate will be reduced. Note that if you cast the same spell twice, the effects won't stack but the timer will reset. If you cast one spell and then a different one then the effects will stack so be careful!

In the main version the spells are alteration spells but I also added an optional conjuration version upon request.

To get the spells you can either buy them from Farengar in Dragonsreach or Tolfdir(Alteration version) / Phinis Gestor(Conjuration Version) at the Mage's College in Winterhold. 
The spells are added to them via script, so you shouldn't have any compatibility issues, unless maybe if another mod changes their actor reference somehow.

The Spells/Stats
Note that the default Magicka Regen Rate is 3/sec.

Charge or Fill 1 (Petty)
Base Magicka Cost: 55
Charge Amount: 250
Magicka Rate Reduced for: 30 seconds
Magicka Rate Reduction: If Enchanting Level is above 45: none, 35: -0.5/sec, 25: -1/sec, Less than 25, -1.5/sec.

Charge or Fill 2 (Lesser)
Base Magicka Cost: 90
Charge Amount: 500
Magicka Rate Reduced for: 40 seconds
Magicka Rate Reduction: If Enchanting Level is above 55: none,  45: -0.5/sec, 35: -1/sec, Less than 35, -1.5/sec.

Charge or Fill 3 (Common) 
Base Magicka Cost: 165
Charge Amount: 1000
Magicka Rate Reduced for: 50 seconds
Magicka Rate Reduction: If Enchanting Level is above 65: none,  55: -0.5/sec, 45: -1/sec, Less than 45, -1.5/sec.

Charge or Fill 4 (Greater)
Base Magicka Cost: 300
Charge Amount: 2000
Magicka Rate Reduced for: 60 seconds
Magicka Rate Reduction: If Enchanting Level is above 85: none,  70: -1/sec, 55: -1.5/sec, Less than 55, -2/sec.

Charge or Fill 5 (Grand)
Base Magicka Cost: 500
Charge Amount: 3000
Magicka Rate Reduced for: 70 seconds
Magicka Rate Reduction: If Enchanting Level is above 99: none,  85: -1.5/sec, 60: -2/sec, Less than 60, -2.5/sec.

As of version 1.2 I added a book that allows you to customize duration and strength of penalties as well as the amount of experience you receive from casting the spells. You will gain alteration (or conjuration) plus enchanting experience from casting the spells. 

To configure the spells: (All of this is explained in the book in game as well.)
Type any of these into the console, where xx is the new value, without the quotations. Then remove the book from your inventory.  Modifiers will add their value to all spells.  For example, "Set DurationModifier To 10" will add 10 seconds to all spell durations. "Set DurationModifier To -10"  will remove 10 seconds from all spell durations

Type in "Set ChargeOrFillReset to 1" to reset all spells to their default values.

Durations, in seconds

"Set PettyDuration to xx" default is 30
"Set LesserDuration to xx" default is 40
"Set CommonDuration to xx" default is 50
"Set GreaterDuration to xx" default is 60
"Set GrandDuration to xx" default is 70
"Set DurationModifier to xx" default is 0


"set RateReduct1 to xx" default is 0.5
"set RateReduct2 to xx" default is 1.0
"set RateReduct3 to xx" default is 1.5
"set RateReduct4 to xx" default is 2.0
"set RateReduct5 to xx" default is 2.5
"Set ReductModifier to xx" default is 0
The RateReducts added are based on your enchanting level.

Alteration, (or conjuration), experience gained

"set MagicXpPetty to xx" default is 12
"set MagicXpLesser to xx" default is 25
"set MagicXpCommon to xx" default is 42
"set MagicXpGreater to xx" default is 128
"set MagicXpGrand to xx" default is 240
"Set MagicXpModifier to xx" default is 0

Enchanting Experience gained
"set EnchantXpPetty to xx" default is 0.04
"set EnchantXpLesser to xx" default is 0.08
"set EnchantXpCommon to xx" default is 0.14
"set EnchantXpGreater to xx" default is 0.40
"set EnchantXpGrand to xx" default is 0.75
"Set EnchantXpModifier to xx" default is 0

Note that the enchanting experience multiplier in game is a lot more than the alteration, that's why their values are so much less. On the default settings enchanting and magic will advance by relatively the same amount. If using the book, remember to remove it from your inventory after setting new values.

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Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded is highly recommended!

Extract to your Skyrim/Data folder and check in your load order

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