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This mod recolours the plate armour from zzjay's armour wardrobe for Stormcloak blue

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Let's face it: Stormcloak armour is DAMN ugly. I want some class, I'm the damn Dragonborn. So I made this.

I noticed zzjay allows recolours of this armour to be released in Nexus, so I might as well share this with you guys.
Just a little something I made for my Nord playthrough.

Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.


You need the main mod from here:

Then override it with my meshes and textures.

NO IT IS NOT STANDALONE. It will overwrite the red plate armour. No, I won't make a standalone.

Recommended mod: zzjay's Wardrobe with CCOR Support by Rusey

If you have a mod that edits the body type, you will need to remap the textures, because I edited the texture paths on the plate_0.nif and plate_1.nif