Better Landscape textures by Castiel
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Added: 19/11/2011 - 05:12PM
Updated: 29/11/2011 - 10:26PM

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Last updated at 22:26, 29 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 17:12, 19 Nov 2011

Better Landscape textures by Castiel933


This Mod puts new high-quality landscape textures in your Skyrim-Game
I haven't noticed any Performance impact yet.


Released so far:

Main file:

Better Landscape textures- Full v0.6



v0.2 "fieldgrass files 01 & 02 + _n" added
v0.3 "fieldgrass 02 updated, coastbeach 02 added"
v0.3a "snow updated"
v0.4 -dirtsnowpath01, snow02, grassnow01, snowstone01, road01snow01 added
-pineforest01 updated
-dirtcliffs01 added
v0.5 - coastbeachgrass01, coastoceanfloor01, dirt01 & 02, fielddirtgrass01 added
- grasssnow01, fieldgrass01 updated
v0.55 New and better Normalmaps for all textures!
v0.6 - Brighter snow update, pineforest02, reachmoss01 added


You can install this mod with the Mod Manager by Nexus or manual:


Paste the downloaded data-folder into "common\skyrim\"


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