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          Oneself independent voice after the first try, please support, if there are any inconvenience in use process please burke a lot!!
         This is xiaoqi:
          This is liuxu:

       This is Hongyan:

         xiaoqi should not belong to this world, but in the planet's a parallel world, his hometown is in the parallel world of carville, carville o parallel universe is not only a monkey, inferno, cat, snake people's rule.But similar to the Terran of east Asia in reality.Style and Chinese, Korean, Japanese ancient very similar.Xiaoqi warrior is the same as the other is but a pawn of the era of war, a victim.Prime minister is jealous of her exploits, deep fear of the day to her credit instead of their own position, in order to commend to the emperor xiaoqi to play a game of almost impossible to win a battle, because the opponent is the same as the warring states period of the qin empire, very powerful.  
          Sure enough, xiaoqi army suffered devastating, almost completely annihilated.There is an argument, and after death is not a reincarnation, but continue to live into a parallel world, in the name of the so she had to seek a new way of life in this strange land.Can indicate the road ahead of the people only you -- -- dragonborn.

 Name: xiaoqi
Location:    the sleeping giant hotel
Requirements:     with the game version and the latest,Three DLC"s  are completed.Comes with really high heels file (in fact, in order to run) under considerations will show that if you don't see the problem, I shall not be responsible for.
Combat:     one hand      called hongyan and liuxu two deputy general      xianjian magic
Beautifying:    Asian Doll Face for Fair Skin Complexion UNP

Name: liuxu hongyan
Call way: Lord call (called a one minute)
 combat: one hand   Conjure flame
Combat effect preview:

     Note: please check, this is important!!
1.Solve the problem of black body,Patch has been in the download area.
2. Go in if there is no recruitment options, please save, load the save file again.
3. After the load will be a task, don't tube it, because of the magic with the code, if you want to remove, the author can only find the magic maker.
4. Choose according to his be fond of combat, magic is a little dangerous, try not to  combat in the city, so as to avoid accidentally NPC.
5. Independent voice does not support the Eff, Aft, etc after the mod, if want to use a more independent voice, recommended to use the "buddy system".
5.  voice I also borrow someone else's frame changes, most of the voice has been changed , some may be not  right mouth.
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