Haunting and Mourning by vagonumero12
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Added: 14/07/2015 - 11:07PM
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Last updated at 23:05, 14 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 23:07, 14 Jul 2015

This mod restores a couple of world interaction events that Bethesda left disabled on purpose: "Haunting" and "Mourning". These both happen when an unique NPC dies.

Haunting: when an unique NPC with family dies, there will be a random chance that it will -after some time- "resurrect" as a ghost that will follow a relative for the rest of the game. Only NPC with generic voice files (don't expect to see Ulfric as a ghost), and only a single NPC in the whole save. You won't be able to fill Skyrim with ghosts (it was left like that by Bethesda).

Mourning: when an unique NPC with family or friends dies, their relatives/friends will do some comment about their loss to you on their hello dialogues.

Both of them have the original voiced audio of Bethesda, and they will play in the language of your Skyrim installation.

Requirements: none

unknown, but unlikely to have many, mod is too small and specific, but who knows.