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A Ferris Wheel Player Home

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If you downloaded the first day the lights may not be working. Please redownload!

Featured on Boobs and Lubes series by VatiWah and Skyrim Mods Weekly by MxR. Thanks a bunch!

And another great video by Acupler. He made people think my rollercoaster was running,
now he's gonna make people think the wheel is spinning!
Too bad he obviously downloaded the mod before i fixed the lights... Still a great video, thanks!

  -Vanilla Skyrim

  -Any mod built in the water at Half-Moon Mill. If there are any.
  -Narrow minds

  -Place FullMoonFerrisWheel.esp in Skyrim/data

  Or just use NMM

  Climates of Tamriel by jjc71
  Project ENB (Cinematic) by bronze316
  Skyrim HD Full by Nebula
  Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt
  Dark Fantasy Overhaul by AceeQ
  S.M.I.M. by Brumbek
  W.A.T.E.R. by SparrowPrince (i still use an old version, it's part of The Ruffled Feather now.)
  Ruins Clutter Improved by raiserfx
  Ultimate HD Fire Effects by rheadude
  Langleys Furniture by langley
  Rugnarok by Gamwich
  All Bodymods Compatible Female Mannequin by koryushin

  Sotteta Huntress Armor by Deserter X CBBE Conversion by Mitosuke
  Midnight Breed Armor by Stealthic Khaos
  Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT by ChronoTrigger77

  Ofcourse all of the above but these also really add to the experience:

  A Closer Look by fadingsignal - Perfect match for any Ferris wheel: Your personal binoculars.

  Ducks and Swans for Skyrim by Tamira - Adds relaxing swans to lake Ilinalta.
  Bubbles by badgremlin - Can't stress enough how much i like this mod.
  Pong in Loadscreens by Twitch Eaglehart - Got rid of all my frustrations when loading Ferris wheels.
  MHIYH by Volek, then smashly and now sLoPpYdOtBiGhOlE - If you want your followers to live in the home

  For people who know what they are and how they work i have another BIG recommendation: Ugrids as
  high as possible! If you don't know what Ugrids are forget about it as i don't want to be in any way
  responsible for corrupted gamesaves.

  Of course a mod like this eats fps, but i expected a LOT worse. I only noticed a really heavy fps drop
  right at the point where you pass Hert & Hern's home facing the wheel. I have ELFX exteriors running and
  when i deactivated it the fps drop was gone. I can live with it, as it's only on that small spot. With my
  setup i think overall i drop around 5-10 frames (from 35 to 25-30) around the wheel. I can only test on my
  computer so i'd love to hear how well this runs in your setup so i know how far i can take these things :)


If you want more theme park in your skyrim you should also try my roller coaster!