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Update 2.3 removed idling sounds, see discussion and change-log.
Update 2.2 with new anchor, see discussion and change-log.
Update 2.1 now you can dismount onboard, see discussion and change-log.
Update 2.0 with new canoe model, see discussion and change-log.


This mod adds a canoe that collides with terrains and tilts depending on the surface and is effected by water currents. This is done by seeing the boat as a mount and thereby getting all the features a NPC has without the need for heavy scripting to move the ship. This means that if you can ride a horse you can ride the boat and frame rate is not an issue.


Manual installation:
Copy the extracted content to your Skyrim data folder.

NMM installation:
Click the download with managed button.

Can be placed anywhere in the load order.

* Scriptfreeshipsailing.esp
* Scriptfreeshipsailing.bsa
from the data folder and then load a save from before the mod was installed.

The canoe and a spell tome to open the canoes inventory is located on the north side of the island with the sawmill in Riverwood.
Open the canoes inventory to get the rest of the items.

If you just want to use the mod you can stop reading now and download it.


  • Boat tilting.
  • Controller support.
  • Weapons can be used while sailing.
  • Current affected the boat.
  • Amphibious, in order to cross rocks and ice.
  • Two speeds, one slow immersive and one fast for long journeys.
  • The boat has health and may break if not maintained, You can repair the boat before it breaks using healing spells or a repair hammer.
  • Move you follower onboard with a spell on land or with an oar at sea.
  • If you run to wild you follower may fall overboard but you can save her with the oar.
  • Summon how many boats you like and unsummon the once you don't like.
  • The boat has an nonrespawning inventory.
  • Ride a Rowboat in version 1.0 and a canoe in 2.0.
  • The boat don't need water-walking and thereby Dragonborn to stay afloat.
  • Dismount onboard the canoe.
  • Boat anchor for temporary removing the current affecting the boat. The anchor effect is remove when mounting the boat.

Canoe controls:
  • The Canoe is moved with the same controls as any mounts and the player with the exception of it can't jump. Default wasd for movement and shift/caps lock for changing speed. Mounting and dismounting with activate while targeting the canoe. Dismounting the boat at sea allows you to walk around on it.
  • To move a follower aboard first mount(and dismount if you want) a canoe so the mod knows which canoe you want and target a follower with the all aboard spell or the oars. The oars can also be used when mounted.
  • To summon a boat use the summon canoe spell while facing an open surface and unsummon it using respective spell while targeting a canoe.
  • Open the inventory with the canoe inventory spell while targeting the canoe.
  • The canoe anchor makes the canoe immovable when used on it is removed when you mount the canoe.

Because the ship is a mount the player is given the animations used when riding.

  • If the boat is pressed under water it's possible the player will shift animation to that used when on a swimming horse. Workaround by dismounting and remounting the boat.
  • The water-wake disperses when you move between water titles. This is a vanilla bug and also happens when you are swimming but it is more apparent with the boat as it moves faster.

Possible extensions:
  • Better skeleton and animation for tilting when turning.
  • Expand the amphibious feature with two small wheels on land to make it more believable.
  • Adding paddling sound after the impact from the animations been updated.
  • Looking into why the cow base race (used for movement) gives a delay when mounting.
  • Fixing skeletons in order for the tilting to look good on larger ships.
  • The purpose of the mod is to keep the ship movement free from scripts. That is not the same as for the  mod to not use scripts where it make sense. The totally script free version may become depreciated but will downloadable for legacy purposes.

Recommended mods:

Partly incompatible mods:
Incompatible mods:

  •  Is this a horse with canoe skin?
  • Once it was a cow that looked like a boat but thought it was a horse, now-days it's not much left of the cow(leather). It don't moo while idling, it never could jump, it possible to stop it from fleeing and has a reworked skeleton. The horse characteristics kept are things like mounting, dismounting and locking a NPC to an other NPC(saddle bone). Some of the NPC characteristics kept are health, inventory, vanilla movement system(including wheels for shorter land journeys), behavior-graph, possibility for animations, collisions with terrains and followers, affected by currents, water-wake, weapon usage, tilting, collision box, mass, carry capacity, skeleton, possibility for water-sounds as footsteps and extra features has already been implemented for horses, for instance "CH".

    All in all a lot of things are given for free without the need to add a lot of scripts to handle something that's already in the game.

  • Why is not all boats a horse with canoe skin?
  • We are paying by using vanilla movements(works on land), only allowing one NPC to be locked on the canoe and we are locked to vanilla animations unless we hack the behavior-graph for instance using "FNIS".

Thanks to

  • FrankFamily for letting us use his great canoe model.
  • Acupler for a nice video showcasing the canoe.
  • MxR Mods for a good description of the mods features.

Lets see how crazy rides you can have.