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About this mod

This mod allows you to merge small soul gems together to create gems of the above size. No more 150 Petty soul gems unused in your house chest ! It also allows you to empty filled soul gems.

Permissions and credits

Soul Gem Merging

Current version : 0.2 MCM menu added + Some tweaking to the crafting menus.

Mod Overview :

  • This mod allows you to merge small soul gems together to create gems of the above size. No more 150 Petty soul gems unused in your house chest ! Once the mod is installed you will be given a book, the "Soul gem merging manual". It will allow you to merge empty soul gems together or to empty allready filled soul gems. You can keep the book with you or let it on your enchantement table to use it only when you are enchanting.

Disclaimer :

  • Requires SKSE and SkyUI to work properly.
  • This mod is made to work with Skyrim It should work on older versions too but I can't guarantee it works for older versions AND for Skyrim . I just release it to the public.
  • This mod is not in his final version. I will improve it in the future. However I have only tested it myself and it could still have some bugs. I am not responsible if you lose items in your game using this mod so save your game before installing it and also before using it to be able to come back if anything bad happens.
  • If you find any bug please report it on the comment page and explain how to reproduce it.
  • If you have any suggestions or ideas for this mod they are welcome in the comment page too. This is my first mod so any suggestions could be usefull either it's on the mod itself, how I am handling it or on my english (it's not my native language), don't be shy, I won't be upset !

Install the mod :

  • First install, SKSE and SkyUI.
  • With a mod manager : Install it the usual way and enable the mod in your load order. You shouldn't have any issue since it's just some files to extract.
  • Manually : Extract everything in your Skyrim/Data folder and enable the mod in your load order (in the Skyrim Launcher if you don't use a mod manager).

Uninstall the mod :

  • With a mod manager : It should be automatic.
  • Manually : Remove those files :
    • Data/SoulGemMerging.esp
    • Data/Scripts/SGM_Script.pex
    • Data/Scripts/SGM_MCMScript.pex
    • Data/Scripts/Source/SGM_Script.psc
    • Data/Scripts/Source/SGM_MCMScript.psc
  • There are probably other scripts in the script folder, do NOT remove the folder entirely !

Update the mod (from 0.1 to 0.2) :

  • If you have a save with this mod, uninstall the mod, load your game and save it. Then, install the mod normally.

How to find the book ?

  • The book is now automatically given when the mod is installed. You will see a notification when it happened. You can also go in the MCM menu to get a new one.

Recommended mods : 

  • Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf. This mod gives you keyboard controls on message boxes and make them generally smoother to use. My mod's menu are in message boxes so it will make them easier to navigate but it also improves every message boxes in the game.
  • Acquisitive soul gems by bludanieru. This mod prevents little souls to be captured in big gems. For instance if your only empty gem available is a Grand soul gem and you try to capture a petty soul gem, the capture will be cancelled preserving your grand soul gem for grand souls capture.

Other mod's compatibility :

  • There should be no compatibility issue since this mod only add things to the game.

Changelog :

  • 0.2 :
    • MCM Menu to change crafting recipes and get the book again
    • Tweaking to the crafting menus to fit new configuration options

  • 0.1 :
    • Mod release with Merging feature & Emptying feature