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A small vault in the Throat of the World for storing away all those sketchy arcane objects in a safe location away from innocent people and your family. Only accessible with Clear Skies shout.

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Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.


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:: Dovahkiin's Vault ::

A storage vault hidden away in The Throat of the World. Only accessible with Clear Skies shout.
Made by a request from a donor of mine, with this philosophy:

"I have a Dragonborn who has a very particular sense of duty, and not only being in possession of so many dodgy artifacts 
(The Elder Scrolls, the various Daedric relics, the Black Books, Auriel's Bow, Staff of Magnus, the Dragon Priest masks, etc...),
but also storing them near ordinary people and loved ones goes against their moral code to an incredible degree. 
What I've been looking for is a storage vault. Not something sprawling and lavish (and stilted towards the Scrooge McDuck aesthetic, 
as many of the existing vault mods are.) I'm looking for something small, protected. A hidden cave or concealed ruin maybe. 
No living quarters necessary. Just a place a Dragonborn could lock away all the more compromising pieces of their life away, 
to keep them out of the hands of the people they protect on the daily.
Something wholly for an RP aspect, clearly, but it would stop the severe disconnect I experience watching their 
spouse sweep the floor in front of the Masque of Clavicus Vile."


- Skyrim up to date
- Dawnguard DLC
- Dragonborn DLC

The vault key can be found on a skeleton near Paarthunaax's perching place.
Clicking the key in your inventory will lock the door to the vault. 

It's also surrounded by those freezing winds you need Clear Skies for, so not easy to get to! 

Inside you will find 8 mannequins and 8 basic weapon plaques, 6 weapon racks and 3 shield racks and some cupboards and chests, all these for generic loot.

In addition to unnamed storage, there are unique item displays for:

- All Dragon Priest masks
- All claws
- Gem Paragons
- All Daedric artifacts (display case and armour stands)
- Auriel's items
- Harkon's Sword
- Bloodskaal Blade
- Ysgramor's items
- Haknir's scimitars
- Shield of Solitude, Targe of the Blooded, Aetherial Shield, Blades Shield, Dawnguard Rune Shield
- Mythic Dawn Robes and books
- All Black Books
- The Dreamstride (Vaermina's Torpor Book)
- Oghma Infinium
- Malyn Varen's Grimoire
- Book of the Dragonborn
- All Falmer Tomes (translated ones)
- Nightingale objects and Gallus' Journal
- Bug jars
- All Elder Scrolls
- Map of Dragon Burials
- Dragonstone
- Horn of Jurgen Windcalled
- Arch-Mage robes, boots and the Staff of Magnus
- Miraak's robes, sword and staff

I left some empty space and shelves around so you can add your own trophies. I recommend using Jaxonz Positioner

The Thieves Guild display works a bit differently. It's linked to the items in the Cistern, and they will be activated as you progress in the Thieves Guild. The only items you need to put in yourself are the Nightingale Weapons, armour and Gallus' Journal. The TG display includes all the small job trophies, the crown of Barenziah and the Litany of Larceny items you sell to Delvin. I don't know if they will be activated if you use this on an old save where you have picked up those items from the guild HQ. 

There are three items in the game that I made display for, but which you cannot actually take with you due to them being quest items you give away: Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, the Golden Claw (if you're not a thief) and the Dragonstone. I added those a strongbox inside the vault so you can complete your 
"MQ collection". 

The last feature of the mod is the shrine to Akatosh. You can pray at it and it plays a prayer idle animation. It's just a basic Akatosh shrine though, part from the added idle feature.

:: THANKS ::

JadenDew and It5umi for testing


Disclaimer: Female mannequins not included. They are from my own modded game