Various guard outfits for Every cityTS Edition by TS
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Trouble shooting

This mod never shows new guard's outfits on your current save file immediately.
(Sometimes it shows guards with invisible head/body OR naked because of this reason)

You must make clean save file (Stay in your home/hideout/inn and rest or wait 11 days)
(Someone recommends that remove this mod once, make clean savefile and install again)

This mod might conflict with other mods which changes/modifies guard's status or outfit.
(even helmets) Stormcloak replacer is not recommended too.


Version 1.2
-I tried to fix the current issue. Modified every armor's pathes(directory) and actually it works on my game.
-Fixed several bugs(issues?) with Civil war
-Solitude guards have an unique outfit now. (Based on Imperial light armor)
-Now player can waring Guard's outfits. However Argonian and Kajiit have a bug I suppose..
-Still, other mods which modifying city guard's status or BUG FIX are conflict with this mod. Please be careful with other mods. (I recommand that you should make this mod higher than other mods on your mod list)

-This mod will be shown perfectly with a clear save file (not sure) or new game.

-Check your status for applicated or not
-If every guards are wearing their original gauntlets and boots, it is completely installed.
(ex.Whiterun - steel gauntlets and steel boots)
-open the console, select a guard, and type 'resurrect'

Version 1.1
-I hope this version running with current Skyrim's version (1.5)
-Civil war won't changes guard's outfits to stormcloak/imperial anymore
-Falkreath guards are wering muffler
-Make sure make clear save file or start new game to run this mod perfectly
-Because of player's wearing issues, those new outfits are now unplayable

*If you play current character(even clear savefile) and have a problem with this mod, please command console 'resurrect' on guard, then you can check that the mod is working or not.
if it doesn't work, please check your mod list.

Item bug fix, any mods which modify guard's (even stormcloak) status or outfits may conflict with this mod.

I'm still finding out what is problem.

*If you have any performance problem with this mod, please get a New Texture pack ! it would be helpful :D

Hi, This is TS :)

As you know, every city has their unique character and enviroment but same ROBOT stormcloak guard, yes. everyone took an arrow in their knee and lost their eyes and face ! Xb

To make more active Skyrim, I've modified every city guard's outfit
design and concept depends on each city's atmosphere and enviroment
(and I got some information from 'The Holds of Skyrim : A field officer's guide for use' )

This mod chagnes only meshes & textures for guard's cuirass and helmet, it doesn't concerning with Armor rating. Gauntlets and Boots has been equiped true equipment not only meshes :)

Guard's new gauntlets will be visible with New game, or Respawns :)


To Installation..

Extract files into each folder and active ESP with Modmanager or SkyrimLauncher


Known Issues

-Ground files has been intall but not rightly visible in game, don't worry It's not concerning with your GamePlay :)
-Doesn't supports Helmet meshes for Khajit, Argonian. will be updated in next version I swear