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This mod add a city made by the ancient civilization "The Dwemer".

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This mod add a little underground dwemer town. Now the town isn't really big but she will grow up.
Notice this is my first mod and they may be some little bugs. If you have some reports them so i can try to correct. Be advice there isn't any pnj but i will first finish the architecture then work on them. I will maybe create some special quest.

You can see my progress on this youtube channel

Version History:
Version 1.41 :
-Dwemer District:

    .Add lights inside : sauna, hot water lake, pipe room, museum
    .Fix little bugs inside houses and museum  

Version 1.4 :
-Dwemer District:
    .Change the house architecture
    .Add furnitures insides all the houses (need to add items)
    .Add a sauna
    .Add a hot water lake
    .Add a pipe room

Version 1.3 :
Add the Dwemer District, Dwemer Tavern and Dwemer Palace
-Entrance :
    .Add fog and smoke
    .Add pipes
    .Add lights
    .Add three door on the front, the right and the left to the Dwemer Palace and the Dwemer District.
-Dwemer Palace :
    .Big area with tables and benches
    .Two waterfall
    .Door in the back to the kitchen and king's room but still empty.
-Dwemer District :
    .Currently full with empty house
    .Light in the main street
    .Door to the Dwemer Tavern
-Dwemer Tavern :
    .Tavern room and Kitchen
    .Furniture in both of the area

Version 1.2 :
-Entrance :

    .Add three new houses with furniture.
    .Add a forge.
    .The area is bigger.
    .Add fire near the main road.

Version 1.1 :
-Entrance :

    .Add furniture inside both of the house.
    .Add lamp for a better immersion.
    .Change the map icon from "Town" to "Dwemer Ruins".