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changes Arissa's default and town outfit to the Huntress Red outfit in zzjay's wardrobe mod, so she will look like she looks on her main file page's screenshots

Permissions and credits
I am now testing the next version of the mod. My plans are change it so that zzjay's wardrobe is no longer required to reduce the amount of .esp's in your load order. ETA is unknown at this time.


This is a simple plugin that changes Arissa's base and town clothing to the red huntress armor or red pirate armor from zzjay's wardrobe. This mod requires you to have zzjays wardrobe installed (more details in requirements). Feel free to report any bugs you find and feel free to modify this mod to fix bugs just if you do tell me how you did it so I can add it to my version and so I can learn how to use the Creation Kit better. Do note though, if you plan on changing the clothing you must make sure you have permission from the person that makes the clothing you want to use before you upload the mod.

Required Mods


Recommended Mods

I strongly recommend using the Arissa Customizer by ClearanceClarence and select the SG Female Textures option to get no neck seems, from my experience trying other textures gave me neck seems BUT feel free to play around with that and find what works best for you, this mod will make it easy to quickly change the textures to find your best fit.


DO NOT use Arissa Appearance pack that caused neck seems for me. Instead use Arissa Customizer (like stated above) to make Arissa look the way you want her to look. (The appearance pack I believe is no longer supported as of the newest version but if you are using it uninstall it or there may be neck seems on Arissa)

This mod should be compatible with other mods I do not know why it would not, but report any problems you have and if you think it conflicts with another mod so I can look into it.


  1. Download the file
  2. Activate the mod
  3. Check your Load Order (details down below)
  4. Have fun! Arissa's default clothing is now changed if you clean installed her.

  1. Download the file
  2. extract the .esp from the .rar file (you will need a tool like winrar or 7zip)
  3. put the .esp in the skyrim data folder
  4. make sure it is activated and in the right position in your load order (details on load order down below)
  5. Have fun! Arissa's default clothing is now changed if you clean installed her.

Load Order

This file MUST be below ArissaCompanion.esm and zzArmormashups.esp
As long as it's below those two mods you should be fine, but feel free to post a comment if you have any questions and I will do my best to help you out.

Planned Features

I do not have any at this time but let me know what you would like to see and I will try to add it in!


green = patched and will be in next update!
yellow = exploring fixes now
red = have not tried to fix this yet

  • Arissa requiring clean install for the new outfit to take affect (FIXED AS OF 0.75B! this was a problem I was having before I made this official release but now it is fixed)

Credits and Thanks

Arissa The Wandering Rogue: by Chesko and Nikkita
zzjay's wardrobe: by zzjay
TES5Edit: by ElminsterAU
Skyrim and the Creation Kit: by Bethesda Game Studios

Huge thanks to Darkfox127 for his video tutorials and answering a question I had on the CK. Would not have been able to do this without you!

And finally to all you guys who offer feedback, report bugs, and endorse this mod I really appreciate it!

Hope you all enjoy my first mod let me know where I can improve!