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This mod allows you to craft items found in the game files that are not available via any other means plus adds non-enchanted versions of guild / unique armor, clothing, jewelry and weapons.

Permissions and credits
This mod allows you to craft items found in the game files that are not available via any other means plus adds several versions of armor, clothing, jewelry and weapons that have a unique appearance but without the enchantments. For instance I loved the style of Nightingale armor but hated the enchants, I liked the Amulet of Articulation's look but didn't need that kind of boost, I was always running out of lockpicks and wished I could just craft some.

Many items are quest locked as in you must acquire the item via quest before you can create more.

Armor, weapons and jewelry are created at a forge
Clothing is create at a tanning rack (Nearly all clothing requires that you have a Linen Wrap on your person to be visible.)
Soulgems and ore / ingots are created at the smelter
Food and alchemical items are created at a cooking pot

-Changed recipes for soulgems back to 1=3 (Instead of the 3=9)
-Craft Drum, Flute and Lute at tanning rack (need Firewood, after Tending the Flames quest)-Added light version of Plain EbonyMail
-Added Iron Ore from Lanterns and Tankards
-Added Steel Ingot from Flagons
-Added ability to make more Ruined Books (either type) or Paper Rolls from Firewood
-Added crafting of unique silver candlesticks after the "Silver Lining" quest
-Added recipes for CabbageSoup and Honey
-Added Iron ore from Embalming Tools
-Added recipe for Torture Tools

-Re valued several items to better match its components, alter a few recipes to be less or more outrageous.
-Added recipes to create all forms of Ancient Nord weapons
-Make Linen Wraps from Prisoner clothes, Beggar clothes or Bloody Rags
-Make Silver ingots from silver dinnerware sets
-Removed conversion of Ingots back to their Ore. (Too confusing for me and several users)

-Craft Falmer Weapons
-Reinforce Falmer Supple Bow
-Bread (whole loaf)
-Beef Stew (alternate recipe)
-Convert Ingots back to their Ore.
-Firebrand Wine
-Cyrodilic Wine
-Colovian Brandy
-Balmora Blue
-Smelt firewood into coal or charcoal
-Stacks of 5 ingots from appropriate ore.
-Charred Skeever Meat
-Plain Archmage's Hood
-Plain Hood of Blue
-Plain Hood of Brown
-Plain Hood of Green
-Plain Hood of Grey
-Plain Hood of the Necromancer
-Plain Hood of Red
-Plain Hood of Tan
-Silver Greatsword
-Silver Sword
-Temper silver weapons
-Plain Thalmor Robes and seperate Hood
-Thalmor Gloves and Boots
-Nazir's Redguard Hood, Redguard Clothes and Redguard Boots
-All 10 Circlets as requested

-Plain Light Vaermina Robes
-Leather from Werewolf pelts (If you have any)
-Tavern Clothes
-Shogoraths Outfit & Boots (Appear odd when in inventory, normal when equipped)

-All 5 Bugs In Jars
-Blades Sword
-Forsworn Armor
-Forsworn Weapons

-Plain Archmage's Robes
-Plain Archmage's Robes Hooded
-Plain Bone Crown
-Plain Helm of Yngol
-Plain Clavicus Vile Masque
-Plain Shield of Ysgramor
-Plain Targe
-Plain Psiijic Clothes Set
-Plain Greybeard's Clothes Set
-Plain Black Mage Hood
-Plain Ebony Mail
-Plain Saving Hide
-Plain Hircine's Ring
-Plain Namira's Ring
-Plain Shrouded Armor Set
-Plain Brotherhood Clothes Set
-Plain Jester's Clothes Set
-Plain Mask Of XXX (All 9 styles in both heavy and light versions)
-Plain Mystic Gloves
-Plain Jade Amulet
-Plain Jeweled Amulet (Elder Council Amulet)
-Plain Fragment Amulet
-Plain Articulation Amulet
-Plain Nightingale Armor Set
-Plain Thieves Guild Armor Set
-Plain Dark Thieves Guild Armor Set
-Plain White Thieves Guild Armor Set
-Plain Headless Necklace (Renders wearer headless!)
-Plain Rueful Axe
-Plain Volendrung
-Plain Mehrunes' Razor
-Plain Ebony Blade
-Plain Dawnbreaker
-Plain Mace of Molag Bal
-Plain Rusty Mace
-Plain Blade of Woe
-Plain Giant Club
-Plain Keening
-Plain Nightingale Blade
-Plain Nightingale Bow
-Plain Chillrend

-Add or remove the hood from the Archmage's Robes
-Guilded Wristguards
-Execution Hood (White)
-Execution Hood (Black)
-Emperor's Robes
-Imperial Light Armor Set
-Stormcloak Officers Armor Set
-All Guard Armor (Only while in appropriate hold)
-Fur Armor Sets
-Blades Armor Set
-Companions Armor Set
-Elven Light Armor Set
-Falmer Armor Set
-Wedding Clothes Set
-All variations of Jarl Clothes (Lvl 40 and 1 Linen Wrap to see recipes)
-Unenchanted Novice Robes & Hood
-Unenchanted Apprentice Robes & Hood
-Unenchanted Adapt Robes & Hood
-Unenchanted Expert Robes
-Unenchanted Master Robes
-Practice Arrows
-Rusty Arrows
-Drainblood Battleaxe
-Drainspell Bow
-Drainheart Sword
-Headsman's Axe
-Dragon Priest Dagger
-Woodcutter's Axe
-Fork weapon
-Knife weapon
-Petty Soulgems from fragments
-Lesser Soulgems from Petty
-Common Soulgems from Lesser
-Greater Soulgems from Common
-Grand Soulgems from Greater
-Black Soulgems from Grand
-Leather from the unused Deer Pelt
-Imperial War Horn (Vanity Item)
-Nord War Horn (Vanity Item)
-10 Iron Ingots from 10 Iron Ore
-Iron Ore from Cast Iron Pots and Kettles
-Steel Ingots from Flagons
-Make Dwarven Ingots from Dwarven Cog, Dwarven Gear, Dwarven Gyro, Dwarven Lever, Dwarven Small Lever and Dwarven Scrap Metal
-Statue Of Dibella from Gold Ingots
-Powdered Mammoth Tusk from Mammoth Tusk
-Bonemeal from Skull / Horker Tusks
-Troll fat from Troll Skull
-Seared Slaughter Fish from Slaughter Fish Scales