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Releases any souls you have bound to any currently equipped items, thus breaking the enchantments.

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[size=10] SOUL RELEASE 1.0 [/size]

This mod adds a lesser power to the player called "Soul Release".

Soul Release removes all enchantments the player has made to any equipped weapons or armor by immediately releasing the souls bound to those items, allowing them to return to Aetherius. The disenchanted items are left intact and can then be re-enchanted as desired.

Why does Soul Release only remove enchantments the player has made?

The SKSE functions this mod uses only work on player-made enchantments. Removing enchantments from items that come pre-enchanted requires a different, more complex solution, which is out of scope for this mod and for which other mods exist.

Why does Soul Release only work on items the player has equipped?

The SKSE functions this mod uses only work on items equipped on an actor. The lesser power could be converted into a targeted or AOE spell so you could cast it on followers, but since you'd probably want to check what your follower has equipped before you nuke the enchants, and since you'd have to take the items from your follower to re-enchant them anyway, I decided not to bother.

How complex is this mod and how compatible is it with other mods?

This mod is quite simple and only adds a lesser power to the player, so it should compatible with just about any mod.


Soul Release requires the following:

I also highly recommend the following tools for modding Skyrim in general:
Mod Organizer because it's a modder's best friend.
TES5Edit to clean and merge your mods.
Skyrim Startup Memory Editor to prevent CTDs from memory issues.


Here are some other great enchanting related mods:

No Enchantment Restrictions by Expired
Enchantment Reload Fix by egocarib
Jeclredured Enchanter Workbench Table II by jeclxohko


The SKSE team for providing more functionality to mod Skyrim with.
The Nexus for hosting the mod and supporting the community.
The Nexus community for testing the mod and suggesting interesting ideas.
Bethesda Softworks for creating Skyrim.