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Exchange Currency

Skyrim Special Edition version
Exchange Currency SE is updated.

Small update (2016/01/08): I'm sorry for the patch of "Coins of Tamriel". The wrong exchange rate between EEC note and gold ingot is updated. Please download the patches for "Coins of Tamriel" again and overwrite the old patch.

Updating the main file
When you start the new game, the following processes aren't needed. Those processes are needed when you load the saved game which already has this mod's old version.

  1. Overwrite the previous version with the latest version.
  2. Load the game and open the console. Type " StopQuest SL99EDQ " and Enter. Then, type " StartQuest SL99EDQ " and Enter.
  3. Close the console. Updating is completed.

About this mod
If you use a mod which gives the weight to a gold coin, this mod reduces your burden by paper money, not by returning the coin's weight to zero. We will get a new interest of money managements within the limit of carry weight.
Try this mod, when you get tired the weight of 10,000 golds but you don't want weightless coins.

New Currencies
This mod adds three types of paper money. The weight of each note is 0.1. Some merchants have a new dialogue for exchanging these notes and septim coins. You can not use these notes as money directly, because these notes are just miscellaneous items in the game. Exchange them to coins before shopping.
The rich people have those notes in their houses and random encountered peddlers sometimes carry notes and exemption certificates.

:: East Empire Company Note(5,000G)
Only the East Empire Company staff or staff of "the Treasury House" and "Arnleif and Sons Trading Company" in Markarth deals EEC Notes.

:: Merchant Guild Note(1,000G)
Some of general goods shopkeepers deal Merchant Guild Notes.
Additional 100 golds are required as the commission at exchanging coins to Merchant Guild Note. If you have the perk "Merchant", carry an exemption certificate or finished the quest "Joining the Legion (or the Stormcloaks)", the commission will be free.
An exemption certificate will be get from a merchant via the exchange dialogue. When you already fulfill the requirements for the exemption, an exemption certificate doesn't appears in the exchange menu. If you want to remove Merchant note tax without fulfilling the reauirements for the exemption, use the console command "Set MGNoteTaxFree To 1".

:: Khajiit Caravan Note(2,000G)
The merchants of the Khajiit Caravan deals Caravan Notes. The other merchants never accept Caravan Notes.
There are three Caravan note, Ri'saad's note, Ahkari's note and Ma'dran's note. Each caravan will accept another caravan's Notes by paying an additional 100G to you. For example, You'll be able to get 2,100G from Ahkari by exchanging Ri'saad's caravan note or Ma'dran's note.

The New Dialogue for Exchanging

The dialogue for exchanging is added to some of the general goods shopkeepers in their business hours. Street vendors and khajiit caravan merchants don't have this dialogue.
In a small village, you won't find any shopkeepers that have the exchange dialogue. Selling a few notes as miscellaneous items at a sacrifice is one choice and there are sometimes not the other choices. It's recommended to carry small change with you without exchanging all coins to notes.

East Empire Company staffs also have the exchange dialogue from 8AM to 8PM at their offices.
  • Vittoria Vici(at East Empire Company Warehouse in Solitude)
  • Orthus Endario(in East Empire Company in Windhelm after finishing the quest "Raise in the East")
  • Rhiada(in the Treasury house in Markarth).
  • Exchangers (They are added by this mod, because Vittoria, Orthus and Rhiada might die in an accident. They works at East Empire Company Warehouse in Solitude, East Empire Company in Windhelm, the Treasury house in Markarth. The Windhelm Exchanger will appear after finishing the quest "Raise in the East". They show the exchange dialogue 24 hour and can respawn.)

There are three types of the exchange list.
Exchange list
:: at Shop ::
the general goods shops: Gray Pine Goods(Falkreath), Pawned Prawn(Riften), Bits and Pieces(Solitude), Belethor's General Goods(Whiterun), Sadri's Used Wares(Windhelm), Riverwood Trader

  • 1,000 Golds <==> 1 Merchant Guild note
  • 10,000 Golds <==> 10 Merchant Guild note

:: at Company, Big shop ::

Arnleif and Sons Trading Company in Markarth

  • all deals at Shops
  • 5,000 Golds <==> 1 EEC note
  • 50,000 Golds <==> 10 EEC note

:: at East Empire Company ::

the Treasury house and Exchange Counter

  • all deals at Shops
  • all deals at Companies
  • 100 Golds <==> 1 Gold Ingot
  • 50 Gold Ingots <==> 1 EEC note

:: at Khajiit Caravan's Camp ::
  • 2,000 Golds <==> 1 Caravan Note

Add the exchange dialogue to merchants

This mod can't detect all merchants added by mods. You can add the exchange dialogue to a NPC with spell scrolls or with the console commands. Take spell scrolls from the exchangers or East Empire Company staffs via the new dialogue, and cast it to a NPC whom you want to add the exchange dialogue to.
(The special exchange dialogue of Khajiit caravan merchants can never be removed nor be added to other merchants.)

The console commands


Choose one main file option and install it

Add Counter
This main file adds three exchangers and three exchange counters at East Empire Company Warehouse in Solitude, at East Empire Company in Windhelm and at the Treasury house in Markarth. The Windhelm East Empire Company counter will open after finishing the quest "Raise in the East".
All exchangers respawn and open their office 24 hours. At night they works at their desks, but when you come near to the counter they will stand up and come to the counter.
Those exchange office will conflict with other mods which change Solitude Docks, the Treasury House or Windhelm East Empire Company.
There are several mods that change Solitude Docks. When you have one of those mods, install Add Counter (No Solitude) option.

No Counter
This main file adds three exchangers and doesn't add any exchange counters. This version has a higher compatibility with any other mods than Add Counter version has.
All exchangers walk around East Empire Company Warehouse in Solitude Docks, East Empire Company in Windhelm and the Treasury house in Markarth. At night, they will go to the inn in each city. The Windhelm Exchanger will appear after finishing the quest "Raise in the East".
All exchangers show the exchange dialogue 24 hours.

No Counter No Exchanger
This main file doesn't add exchangers or exchange counters. This is the simplest version and has a great compatibility with any other mods.

Compatibility patches

There are compatibility patches with other mods for adding new currencies to the exchange list. Load these patch files after the master files.

[Coins of Tamriel] by Force70

Master file: Coins of Tamriel( Legendary Edition).esp or Coins of Tamriel V2( Legendary Edition).esp (and SL99Exchanger.esp)

Coins of Tamriel, Coins of Tamriel V2 of script free versions only.
If you have Coins of Tamriel( Legendary Edition).esp, install SL99Exchanger_Patch_Coins of Tamriel( Legendary Edition).esp.
If you have Coins of Tamriel V2( Legendary Edition).esp, install SL99Exchanger_Patch_Coins of Tamriel V2( Legendary Edition).esp.

additional exchange list

::  At Shop :: (Almost all merchant get their exchange dialogue and can exchange Silver septim and Gold septim at least.)
  • Copper septim <==> Silver septim, Gold septim
  • Silver septim <==> Gold septim

:: At East Empire Company ::
  • Gold septim <==> EEC note

This Patch also changes the exchange rate of Gold Ingot to 500 golds(septims).

[the Golden Crossroads] by Jokerine 

Master file: BanknoteSeller.esp (and SL99Exchanger.esp)

You can use this patch with any versions(v1, v1b, in Solitude) of the Golden Crossroads.

additional exchange list
:: At East Empire Company ::
  • Banknote <==> Gold

This patch also adds the exchange dialogue for Exchange Counter to the clerk of the Golden Crossroads bank.

[Coins of Tamriel V2(script free version) and the Golden Crossroads]

This is the special combined patch for Alessia coins and Kagrenac coins. If you install this patch, the single pach of Coins of Tamriel V2 and the single pach of the Golden Crossroads aren't needed.

Master files: Coins of Tamriel V2( Legendary Edition).esp, BanknoteSeller.esp (and SL99Exchanger.esp)
If you have Coins of Tamriel V2.esp, install SL99Exchanger_Coins of Tamriel V2_BanknoteSeller.esp.
If you have Coins of Tamriel V2 Legendary Edition.esp, install SL99Exchanger_Coins of Tamriel V2 Legendary Edition_BanknoteSeller.esp.
Both of the patches work with any versions(v1, v1b, in Solitude) of the Golden Crossroads.

additional exchange list
:: At Shop and at East Empire Company ::
  • Same to the above list of Coins of Tamriel and the Golden Crossroads

:: At the Golden Crossroads(Special) ::

  • Alessia (copper, silver, gold)<==> Septim
  • Kagrenac (copper, silver, gold)<==> Septim

This Patch also changes the exchange rate of Gold Ingot to 500 golds(septims).

[Immersive Jewelry] by Forteverum 

Master file: Immersive Jewelry.esp (and SL99Exchanger.esp)

additional exchange list
:: At East Empire Company ::
  • Imperial bullion <==> EEC note
  • Imperial bullion <==> Gold
  • Silver bullion and silversmith's bar <==> Gold

This Patch also changes the exchange rate of Gold Ingot(Goldsmith's Bar) to 500 golds.
It also has the new textures of EEC note and Merchant Guild note. Overwrite the textures in the main file.

[Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux] by Neovalen

Master file: SkyrimCoinReplacerRedux.esp (Legendary Edition or Vanilla Edition)

additional exchange list
:: At Shops in Skyrim (only holds of Stormcloak) ::
5 Ulfrics <==> 10 Septims

[Patch for gold ingot]
  • SL99Exchanger_Patch_GoldIngot500.esp
  • SL99Exchanger_Patch_GoldIngot250.esp
  • SL99Exchanger_Patch_GoldIngot200.esp

Master file: SL99Exchanger.esp

This Patch changes the exchange rate of Gold Ingot to 500 golds, 250 golds or 200 golds. Choose one patch and install it. When Coins of Tamuriel or Immersive jewelry patch is installed, the 500 golds patch isn't needed.


1. Exchange all your merchant guild notes and East Empire Company notes to coins.
2. Uninstall this mod and patches.

Merging the main files and patches

The main file and patches can be merged with Merge Plugins xEdit Script in TES5Edit. Be sure that FormID of Merchant Guild Note(xx000D64) and EEC Note(xx0048FF) are not changed.
After merging files, apply filter for cleaning and check merged records under Constructible Object. If there is a red highlighted record, this record is reverted to the main file's value. Fix it manually( in the View tab, drag the patch's value to the merged file's value and drop it).

Credit and Special Thanks To:
Scale and weight: Stroti Resource Pack II by Stroti and Tamira 
Cash Register: Antique Cash Register by RGM 
Abacus: Orient Set by Garnet 
Forteverum for finding this mod's potential, new ideas and a lot of help.