1-Hand Idle Animation Replacer by saitorashi
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Added: 22/01/2012 - 12:57AM
Updated: 22/01/2012 - 04:09AM

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Last updated at 4:09, 22 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 0:57, 22 Jan 2012

Replaces 1-hand idle animations, with or without shield, with another very familiar animation.
Turn animations can also be replaced so they don't do the annoying jerking motions.

All I did was take Aurawind's Dual Wield 3rd person dynamic idle stance (The link is gone now :( ) and renamed it to the appropriate 1-hand idle animations. I did it for the turning animations as well, but the feet don't shuffle or move while turning, so sorry if that bothers you, but perhaps someone can make a mod to adjust that.

Also, wanted to add that it doesn't really work with 1-hand + magic in offhand. It'll just look weird, so sorry if you're into that.

Extract and replace Data folder in Steam > SteamApps > Common > Skyrim if you use Steam, or just extract and replace in your Skyrim directory.

To remove the animations, just go to Data > Meshes > actors > character > animations and delete 1hm_idle, 1hm_turnleft60, 1hm_turnright60, 1hm_turnleft180, 1hm_turnright180.

I haven't encountered any problems, myself, so enjoy.