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345,000 years in the future , the empire came across "Dragonbone Armor" , buried in a draugr crypt , he took it back to the palace and upon searching the armor he found a "Dwemer Gyro" without hesitation he jammed the gyro down the throat of the armor. The gaurds then heard an explosion , they scrambled to the empires quarters and there lying dead was the empire , the armor was on him... The gaurds instantly requested by the court mage send the armor back to the time in which it came from. And luckily enough YOU have stumbled upon it.


Find Dragonbone armour ( Gauntlets , Chest Plate , Boots , Helmet ) or obtain it through the console commands. After this you will have my re-textured armor , it is quite amazing and looks very rare and special. Wear it with pride!


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------------------------------How to get the DragonBone armor through the console------------------------
Step 1. Hit the "~" button
Step 2. Type "Player.additem XXXXXXXX 1"
Step 3. Go to an item id site for skyrim.
Step 4. Replace "XXXXXXXX" with the item id's of the dragonbone!


Thanks guys for downloading , i hope you have a great time and be on the look out for me and my armor/weapon retextures. When the CK comes out i will excel forward and mod with more precision. But as for now i am sorry the mod is only for Males , if i get some comments asking for female i will make it ASAP.