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Allows you to have your own biological children in skyrim! No Sex Mods needed! Work In Progress

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*** 18/07/2017 ***

Hello All,

Skyrim: Special Edition (SE) support (including consoles) is in the works and I'm estimating a release at the start of August. Please bear in mind due to platform restrictions, the following changes will apply:

  • NO pregnancy scaling*
  • NO MCM**
  • NO AP Support
  • Children look inheritance is severely limited***

* The only way scaling can be done without SKSE and therefore on console/SE, is to make scaled armour/clothing for each stage, and then these can be forcefully equipped at each stage, and then removed once pregnancy is complete. Sorry there is NO other way around it without SKSE, which will NEVER be on consoles.

** To get around this, i'm going for the good old message box style menus. This isn't as nice or easy to make, but it's the only cross platform solution.

*** I've created a load of bases for the 3 children races, with different hair colours and style, with vampire support. Without SKSE I can't get the player hair colour and match it, or change hair styles. So to get around this, I will require the player to tell the scripts about hair colour, race etc. This would be done using a custom book. Then I can create the child using the nearest base, Unlike this current mod, the next one will be open source, and you can happily add support for any other mods, be sure to send a finished copy to me and i'll add it to the official version.

Hearthfire will be the only requirement this time round.

Thanks for your interest, this new platform should be much better for everyone. I'll try and look into fixing this mod, though a rewrite will most likely be required and it would be based off the SE version.


This is a long requested mod and my first ever mod for Skyrim. It has been in the works for a LONG time and continues to be a work in progress.

SFLPregnancy will be just a small part of a Skyrim Family Life Overhaul, which will make all family, romance etc much more immersive.

This mod allows you to have your own biological children with your spouse in Skyrim, the kids can also inherit stuff from their parents such as vamparism and lycanthropy!

Feature List:

-- Have your own children with your spouse! (Player & same sex pregnancy included!)
-- Children inherit features from their parents (Race, Hair color, Vamparism, Lycanthropy)
-- Support for two children, plus your hearthfire children! (More to come)
-- No DLC required! (Hearthfire support etc is in the works)
-- MCM Mod Menu (WIP)
-- Configurable chance of pregnancy, and pregnancy factors such as race inheritance
-- Can Name your children!
-- Vanilla races supported (Non human children are mini adults, support of other mods can be requested
-- Dialogue with spouse (child dialogue to come)
-- Cooldown between attempts to get pregnant

Please note that this is a Work in Progress and will likely remain so, alot of stuff wanted isn't easy to implement to say the least, this mod could still be considered in beta, but looks like the dialogue bug has been resolved so I'm uploading it to the nexus!

If you find any bugs please submit a bug report! Any comments, suggestions feel free to add them.

Hope you enjoy this mod!


Kendansa -- Original idea
Anduniel -- Getting the mod started, providing the dialogue, and the source to look at.
schlangster -- SkyUI + SkyUILib (SkyUILib is included with this mod, all credits to schlangster!)

My beta team:

BellChell1234 -- For driving me mad with the endless bugs regarding dialogue and MCM Thanks!! :)

Anyone I have failed to mention... Thanks!