Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets German by glock9mm_norden
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Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets by glock9mm / German by norden

Wie der Name schon sagt, die Mod ermöglicht das tragen einer unbegrenzten Zahl von Ringen und Amuletten. Zwei Mods in einer.

Dies ist nur eine kleine Übersetzung der Mod von glock9mm ins Deutsche. Ich habe mich dabei an die Bezeichnungen der DV gehalten, auch wenn diese, meiner Meinung nach, nicht immer ganz glücklich gewählt sind.

Thanks to glock9mm for his great work and the permission to translate the mod in german.

Viel Spass


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Moment of Truth ....

As far we know we all have 2 mods out there unlimited rings and amulets i was checking it out them and was disappointed with it had too many bugs and mistakes encountered sow i decided to make my own mod and combine both in one also made it from scratch without game breaking side-effects like it was with those mods ...

What is purpose of this mod ?
Simple now you can equip all rings & amulets in same time .

Why should download my mod and use it ?
Well at first it is made from scratch and doesn't have game breaking bugs .

Can be rings,amulets,necklaces equip when was enchanted or smithed ?
Yes they can !!!

How many are rings in game ?
Total of 152.

How many amulets are in game ?
Total of 168.

What Type file is based ?

I can't equip all rings and amulets why ??
please remove Unlimited_Rings.esp and Unlimited_Amulets.esp

If you like my mod Please endorsement it .

I Encounter Problems What To do ?
Report your mortal whims to Me.