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Just a cosmetic improvement of NPCs from the College of Winterhold

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Now you have TWO versions of this mod. A few months ago I made a new version of College's NPC. Do not forget to install only ONE version. If you had already installed v1 (the old one) and you want to check v2, remove ALL OLD FILES including esp, because v2 uses new esp.

It's just a cosmetic improvement of all NPC from the Winterhold's College. I tried to fix those terrible faces that were in vanilla game. 
Also, Brelyna, Onmund and J'zargo are immortal now, you can be sure that they will not die somewhere. 

The list of changed NPC:

~Drevis Neloren
~Colette Marence
~Mirabelle Ervine
~Savos Aren
~Sergius Turriaius
~Phinis Gestor
~Arniel Gane
~Urag gro-Shub

I like to do all with my own hands, so I don't like NMM installations. You should install this mod manually.
Just open TCoW Improvement folder and put meshes, textures and esp file into your DATA. That's all :)

And I want to give an answer on the most asked question.

Q: Brelyna/Onmund/J'zargo/and someone else are NAKED. What should I do? Can you fix it?
A: It's just a simple game bug. If you have met those guys in your current game, they can be naked, because I removed their hoods in CT. If you'll start a new game, this NPCs will be in clothes. You can try to dress naked NPC through the console.

Thanks to:

nuska for Ethereal Elven Overhaul 
LogRaam for The Eyes of Beauty
apachii for ApachiiSkyHair 
HelloSanta for SG Hairs 
DustinFlan for Flan's eyes
hellosanta for SG Female Textures
Kalilies for KS Hairdos
Zonzai for Real Girls textures
jesusoden and exiu for amazing screenshots ♥♥♥