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- Adds a mounted Orc patrol and 6 Orc guard patrols to each of the 4 Orc settlements
- Adds an Orc Barbarian camp with mounted patrol and 5 Orcs sandboxing.
- All non-essential and respawn. Guards randomly use 16 female/26 male new faces. LITE, RIDER ONLY and GUARD ONLY versions available.

Permissions and credits

Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

My riders will fight on horseback with this mod below installed. Pretty cool, huh.

Thanks to SEXX for the video


Please indicate which patrol has issues, so I can resolve any problems faster.

Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use IMMERSIVE ARMORS by Hothtrooper44, if you want some of their armor to possibly show up on the Orcs.
        Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use Mounted Combat For Everyone and Combat Upgrades by rymon23, if you want mounted combat for my riders.


This mod adds 4 mounted Orc patrols to the 4 Orc settlements and a mounted Orc Barbarian patrol to a new camp.
If one or more die in a group, the rest will still follow each other.
Horses will return to the Orc settlements or camp, if rider dies. 

No mounted combat (beyond my comprehension). Riders will dismount to attack.

Use Mounted Combat For Everyone and Combat Upgrades by rymon23. See above video.

Orc horses use saddles from TheWinterhawks Hunter Saddle With Variants by Winterhawk.
Orc Barbarian Armor uses armor from Barbarian Steel Armor by steelfeathers.

6 patrolling Orc guards are added to the 4 settlements.
16 new female faces and 26 new male faces will be randomly selected.
Each Orc guard follows their own patrol path.
5 Orc Barbarians will sandbox and sleep at the new camp.

All Orcs are different heights. Mostly tall.
A couple of short ones, too.
Horse heights are changed according to riders height

All Orcs respawn.


Orc Barbarian Camp:

- 5 Orc Barbarians added.
- 5 horses added.
- bedrolls, clutter, fire, and other misc.

Orc Settlements:

- 6 patrolling Orc guards
- Changed saddle on horse at Orc settlement to be consistent with mine.


           ------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL VERSION ----- LITE VERSION ------ RIDERS ONLY VERSION ------ GUARDS ONLY VERSION

 From Dushnikh Yal Settlement ------------ 3 riders --------------- 2 riders ----------------- 3 riders ------------------------- 0 riders ---------
             From Largashbur Settlement -------------- 3 riders --------------- 2 riders ----------------- 3 riders ------------------------- 0 riders ---------
             From Mor Khazgur Settlement ------------- 3 riders --------------- 2 riders ----------------- 3 riders ------------------------- 0 riders ---------
             From Narzulbur Settlement ---------------- 3 riders --------------- 2 riders ----------------- 3 riders ------------------------- 0 riders ---------

             From Barbarian camp ----------------------- 3 riders --------------- 2 riders ----------------- 3 riders ------------------------- 0 riders ---------
             (west of Meeko's Shack near Dragon Mound)
             Orc Settlement Guards --------------------- 6 guards -------------- 3 guards ---------------- 0 guards ------------------------ 6 guards --------


Use NMM or place esp, meshes, and textures in Skyrim data folder.

For new versions: Deactivate and then delete old version. Make clean save. Then, activate new version. Load clean save.
I believe this is the safest way.


- compatible with all my mods

- compatible with Immersive Orc Strongholds.esp

- compatible with NPC adding mods like
Immersive Patrols

Not fully compatible with:

- When Vampires Attack
- Run For Your Lives
- Holidays

My NPCs will be called into buildings, even though they are part of the correct exemption faction.
Horses might follow, even though they shouldn't be able to go through doors.

I use "
NPCs Protected Redux and Extra Guards", instead.
You can also use "
Immersive Citizens". It doesn't affect the behavior of NPCs riding horses.


1.1 - fixed 2 incorrect voices - made map marker only visible after discovery
1.0 - adds Orc patrols and Orc guards


1.1 - No Barbarian Armor Patch - version changeover
1.0 - No Barbarian Armor Patch


TheWinterhawks Hunter Saddle With Variants by Winterhawk for Orc saddles
Fur Bag - Backpack by
TreasureChest for waterskin used in Orc saddles

Barbarian Steel Armor by steelfeathers

Nexus Mod community for being inspired.

Bethesda for great game.


HOP - Horses On Patrol - Dawnguard

Thanks to Nozi87 for the video

HOPv - Horses On Patrol - Vanilla

- Adds 9 mounted Imperial (4 or 7) and 9 mounted guard (3) patrols.
- Adds a tent to each Imperial camp.

Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

Extra Guards

-Adds 491 or 208 guards to the game.
-Adds 226 guards with ETaC compatible version.
-Guards respawn.

Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

Stormcloak Battle Armor Replacer