About this mod

This mod brings LAN, and online multiplayer to Skyrim. Finally you can explore with your friends.

Permissions and credits

SKSE (1.7.3+) is (required)
Skyrim ( is (required)
SKYUI (latest version)
Visual C++ redistributable 2015 x86 & x64 is (required)

Tamriel Online is a wip mod that will let you play Skyrim with your friends. This mod aims to allow multiple people to play together, with/without the same mods, in the simplest way possible.

This is NOT an MMO mod. It is not designed for thousands of concurrent players, or to do consistency checks on people who might "cheat". I believe that Skyrim is a wonderful game, one that would be even better with friends playing alongside, and affecting the world with you.

This mod also aims to add interaction, and interplay between games as much as possible.

A big thanks to everyone over on Reddit who helped me test/find issues with the mod:

If you find any bugs/glitches/problems with the mod, Please post your findings on the bug page. 
Before posting a bug, please make sure that the problem isn't covered on the FAQs.


Open the downloaded Tamriel Online Client folder, and copy the following files to the steamapps/common/Skyrim folder: the Data folder, and the contents of the "fomod" folder.


Install zip, and enable in NMM like normal.


Signup at:

Sign in:

Click "Create new app" .

Set "Photon Type" to "Photon Realtime".

Set "Name" to whatever you'd like.

Leave everything else blank, and click "create".

That should take you back to the dashboard, if not, click here:

On the dashboard, find where it says "App ID", double click the word, and copy the text that looks something like this
into notepad, or write it down.

Open steamapps/common/Skyrim/TamrielOnline.ini and find "appid=a84EXAMPLE8-e060-4f32-b30c-e87dEXAMPLEf1a63". Replace "a84EXAMPLE8-e060-4f32-b30c-e87dEXAMPLEf1a63" with the "App ID" that you wrote down.

Launch Skyrim with

Load or Start new game.

After your character has loaded, press the 'MINUS' key to connect.

(Connecting to host)

Open steamapps/common/Skyrim/TamrielOnline.ini and find "appid=a84EXAMPLE8-e060-4f32-b30c-e87dEXAMPLEf1a63". Replace "a84EXAMPLE8-e060-4f32-b30c-e87dEXAMPLEf1a63" with the "App ID" of the HOST PLAYER.

Launch Skyrim with 

Load or Start new game.

After your character has loaded, press the 'MINUS' key to connect.

*You can save while online, when you load the save (offline) the other player characters will disappear in a few seconds.
*Disconnect (press home again) before loading a new save while online, or you may crash.

 Steam Community
- (by jdboss)

 Reddit Community -

None of these servers are run by me, please report if a server is down.

(if you would like your server listed here, just let me know)

One of the mods features is not working properly.
Try running SKSE as administrator, instead of running it normally.

I do not have a MINUS key.
Change the "key=0xBD" (aka MINUS) in "TamrielOnline.ini" to another key listed in "TamrielOnline.ini"

My character is not synchronizing on other computers.
Double check that your firewall is not blocking outgoing UDP traffic, and try reconnecting. Try increasing "startuptime" in "TamrielOnline.ini" to a longer time period (the value is in seconds).

Other people's characters are not synchronized on my computer.
Double check that the other person(s) firewall is not blocking outgoing UDP traffic, and have them try reconnecting. Ensure that your server is accessible, and that incoming UDP traffic is not being blocked by your firewall.

I am getting frequent crashes, and the game is chugging.
This may be caused by your ENB. Some ENB's enter framelimiting mode when you press "home". To solve this, change the "key=0x24" (aka "home") in "TamrielOnline.ini" to another key listed in "TamrielOnline.ini"

Crashes can also be cause by selecting object/actors/etc... in the console window. When selecting something for use with a console command, clear it before closing the console.

I get "failed to connect" when trying to connect to the server.
Ensure that your firewall/av is not blocking the Skyrim, SKSE, or TamrielOnline.asi. Check and make sure that there are no spaces on the line with the ip you are connecting to. To help determine the source of the issue, try connecting to a public server. If you are unable to connect to a public server, then you may want to go through the process again to ensure that everything is setup properly.

I don't ever get any messages telling me to press "home".
Make sure that you are running the game, as admin, through SKSE. Check that both "TamrielOnline.asi" and "ScriptDragon.dll" are not blocked (check each file's properties for an "unblock" option). Ensure that ALL files from the zip are installed, that you have met all the requirements listed at the top of the page.

I'm having trouble connecting via port forwarding.
Try using hamachi instead. Make sure that everyone has hamachi, connect to one another through hamachi, and have everyone (except the host) use the hosts HAMACHI IP in their "TamrielOnline.ini" settings. The host can leave the ip set to "".

Duplicates of my character are appearing, and mirroring what I do.
Double check your server settings, and ensure that "testing" is set to false. If the issue persists, it is likely a known bug, which has yet to have a permanent solution. In the meantime, you can try connecting through another computer, or internet connection.

There are clones of people everywhere.
It's a bug that occurs when people close out of skyrim without first disconnecting from the game. To get rid of clones, you can use "markfordelete" in the console. This bug is being worked on.

Other players are not appearing when I enter "xyz" building, or when I fast travel to "xyz" location.

Try reconnecting, or have the other players reconnect. This is a bug with the position synchronization, that is being worked on.

I crash when I load a save while connected.
To prevent crashing, it is best to disconnect from the server before loading a new save.

I do not get the start-up message.
[A] Make sure all of the Tamriel Online files are unblocked, and make sure you have Microsoft Visual c++ 2015

Can't find an answer to your problem? Post your question in the "Bugs" tab!


(thank you for helping with pretty much everything)

 - Bethesda - Jaxonz
SkyUI team for their AMAZING UI SDK
BrandonJP_, KaptainTrite, thedevil5600 and nnaatthhaann
(Thank  you for the nexus images)


Death Alternative -
SkySouls -


World State Synchronization
NPC synchronization - Whether NPC's are alive or dead, their position, whether they are fighting, etc...
Quest synchronization
Weather synchronization
Time of day synchronization
Static items synchronization (items dropped/changed by the player)
Random encounter synchronization
Companion synchronization
Global Variable/Settings synchronization.
Greater interaction
Support more animations
Riding horses
Button activation synchronization
Better combat support
Equipping and using shouts.
A list of people online.

Modding API, to allow the creation of general purpose, networked mods.
Specify the mods required to join a server.
Investigate adding a server list in-game.
Bug fixes