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This mod alters skyrim's behavior files and adds behavior related features to your skyrim like cancelling your attacks by blocking, and speeding up movement speed during 2h attacks. See the long description for more information.

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Skyrim Special Edition port has been made by TheTechPony. You can find the SSE version of CBI here:

For the diehard gamers that just cant let skyrim go:

This mod alters skyrim's behavior files to make your combat experience in skyrim more dynamic and more challenging. Editing behavior files is complicated but not impossible thanks to the work of modders such as Zartar. Zartar kindly enough provided vital info on behavior files and invented behavior code that allows both players and NPC's to cancel their own melee attacks by blocking, adding a whole new dimention to melee combat without the use of scrips or even an esp file. Zartar also explained how to speed up movement during 2handed swings.
See the video's below for an example of this mod:

(warning: video's contain vanilla skyrim gore)

* Note that some mods visible in the video (such as cloaks, animation replacers and sounds) are made by other users and are obviously not included in this mod. Look for them on the nexus.

No scripts, no esp files, all you have to do is extract the files from the archive into
s folder. There are 3 behavior files, 1hm_behavior.hkx/blockbehavior.hkx/bashbehavior.hkx each adding sepparate features. To UNINSTAL: remove said from said directory.
Note that if you want to install optional files (see below), you have to install the optional files AFTER you install the main files.

optional files:
An optional file ('no-block window') is added which will not allow you to cancel attacks and block for a few miliseconds after you struck your enemy  (for more immersion, difficulty etc.).
Another optional file adds 2 extra blockHit animations (made by 5oiler) when you block incoming hits while dualwielding.

This mod works best with the lastest version of skyrim installed. This mod will conflict with other mods that alter 1hm_behavior.hkx blockbehavior.hkx & bashbehavior.hkx.

Its recommended to use this mod with other mods that improve NPC combat AI such as combat evolved. Its also recommended to use animation replacers: Pseudo parry by topeira and Krish698 and dual wield improved animation by 5poiler.

The following features are included in this mod (listed per file).
- Vampire/Spellsword attack intro fixed (no attack intro when casting+attacking in vanilla skyrim)
- 2handed attacking + walking at the same speed as 1h attacking + walking
- Pressing your block key during an attack will automatically cancel any attack sequence and put you into block stance (NPCs will automatically also use this feature!)
- Hitframe increased for 1h attacks, making timed blocking possible.
- Dualwield: left hand normal swing is tweaked to match swings per second (and hitframe) to righthanded swings.
- Dual Daggers: Fixed power attack speed glitch

- The playback speed of blockhit animations is increased drastically so you can hit the attacker back almost instantly.
SIDE NOTE FOR MODDERS: if you want to replace the dualwield blockhit animation, replace bow_blockhit.hkx ;)


- Bashing hitframe and bashing animation increased to allow timed blocking against incoming bashes against 1h/2h/shield bash.
- Dualwield bash is no longer deals damage but has the same stagger effect as other bash attacks.
- Bow bash no longer deals damage but has the same stagger effect as other bash attacks.

Currently many of the features from this mod only work in third person.

Zartar: 'Blocking cancels attacking' feature and providing critical info on behavior files.