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Powdered mammoth tusk is a rare ingredient for seemingly no reason. This mod lets you grind down the mammoth tusks you find!

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What is it (and why)?
This is a simple mod to let you grind mammoth tusks down into powdered mammoth tusk at a grain mill. It is a simple, small mod that I created because it made sense. Powdered mammoth tusk is rarely sold by apothecaries and is otherwise difficult to find (for no reason). 

This mod works with every mod, there cannot be an incompatibility.

Most recent version of Skyrim.
Hearthfire. If you are wondering why it needs Hearthfire, the use of grain mills was added in HF.

1) Download and activate in NMM or MO.
2) Make sure to activate the mod, it can be anywhere in your load order.

1) Simply deactivate and remove the mod. There are no scripts in this mod, so don't worry.

You may not use the contents of this mod for any purpose other than personal use. No persons are permitted to upload this mod to any site without permission from the mod creator. You are prohibited from using this mod in a mod pack without written permission.

Feel free to endorse this mod or make videos, but please give credit to me for my work. 


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