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Raindrop Place
**V1.1 OUT NOW!**
(Bug Fixes, More foliage & Smithing Storage!)

Raindrop Place is a three-storey mansion that is located right near the lovely town of Riverwood. The house contains an alchemist (merchant), a scholar (trainer) & a guardian (follower) for hire.


* Named Storage (Poultry, Raw Meat, Cooked Meat, Vegetables, Preserved Food & Beverages)

Customisable Appearance (Washbasin in Master Bedroom)

* Hireable Guardian (Follower), Alchemist (Merchant) & Scholar (Trainer)

* Plenty of Mannequins & Weapon Racks for armor & weapon storage


* House can be located right near the bridge in Riverwood. (The map will already have the house marked when you load the game.)

* House key can be found inside the barrel near the front door once the house has been purchased.
* House key will be added to the player's inventory once the house has been purchased.
(As of V1.1)

* Hirelings can be dismissed & re-hired at any time.

* Ilia your Guardian & follower will always return to Raindrop Place when dismissed. 

* Safe Storage (nothing respawns).

*Future Goals For This Mod

* Change how the player gets the house key. (**DONE - V1.1**)
* Add a book that is a guide to the mod.
* Smithing Storage (**DONE - V1.1**)



- Changed how the player gets the house key (no use of the container near front door anymore)
- Added a black plane behind front load door
- Added more foliage and trees near the house
- Added miscellaneous clutter outside of house
- Fixed Invisible Smelter Bucket
- Added Smithing Storage
- Placed Pickaxe on Iron Ore Vein
- Placed Woodcutter's Axe on Wood chopping block
- Removed Ruins Rubble near Property Sign


1) Leave house
2) Make a NEW save
3) Uninstall old version
4) Install new version


- Ingredients Wall Art
- Food Containers
- Open Books

- Rug Resource

*Modder's Resource Pack (Oaristys & Tony67)
- Ingredient Jars

- Ready Clutter

- Blue Dwarven Planter

*Visit Website For All Of My Mods & Resources![/left]