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Multiple Adoption Friendly Redoran Style player home

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Redoran Manor 

Be easy on me, this is my first released mod (outside of an add-on for Ayleid Sanctuary).  This mod would not exist had it not been for Lazz. Six months ago I had no idea how modding worked let alone where to start. Through tutorials, help from other modders, Nexus forums, and my wife's patience I think I have figured out about 2% of how modding works. I now have a deep respect and overwhelming appreciation for those who write the various mods we the end user download.


I have uploaded a new version of Redoran Manor that adds a "Follower Recreation" room that includes a pool, 18 more mannequins, and 12 more follower beds.  The "undress" trigger has also been added to the mod.  I also fixed the horses fighting at the stall.

As a precaution you should remove all items from the home before upgrading.

If you are upgrading from the base version to the General Stores version or the other way around, Follower Recreation room or not, you need to completely uninstall the previous version.  The ESPs for the General Stores version and the base version are different and will cause problems if both try to load.


Please check out my other home mod Half-Moon Chalet, a Black-Briar Lodge based player home.

Under no circumstances is this mod or any part of it to be used for pay mods or uploaded to any other sight. (It is a requirement for some
of the assets I used)

This mod comes in two versions:
One that only requires Hearthfires, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn DLCs
The other requires General Stores and  ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5 as well as the three DLCs. In all other aspects these two versions are identical.

I have used roombounds and portals to isolate the rooms and TES5Edit to clean the mod best I know how. You only need 1 file, not both.

To get to Redoran Manor just head East from Solitude Stables, OVER the East Empire Warehouse (do not go to the docks), and towards the Solitude Lighthouse. You can't miss it.

Redoran Manor is compatiple with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix at
I also suggest using My Home is Your Home

Redoran Manor contains:

=> 52 mannequins, 10 are on pedestals denoting the 9 holds plus Imperial (for Hold uniforms) and 36 mannequins have storage in the mannequin
=> 9 Sword and Shield displays
=> 13 Dagger Display cases
=> 14 Weapon Display cases
=> 60 Weapon Racks
=> Library/Trophy Room for storage of books and quest items
=> Crafting room with a lot of storage and everything needed to craft weapons and armor as well as enchant them and make potions on the side
=> Armory for displaying armor and weapons
=> Follower room with 6 beds and one follower as well as a Housecarl and Housecarl's private quarters
=> Children's room with 6 beds
=> Player bedroom with room for spouse (if using Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions spouse will sleep in player's bed)
=> As a bonus there are 4 new "House Redoran" weapons (Bow, Sword, Greatsword, and Crossbow) and a new set of outstanding daggers by Nicoroshi (don't worry, if you already use his mod I incorporated it into this mod so it would not overwrite his original mod) all weapons are ebony based and some do need the Ebony perk to manufacture them as well as completing parts of the Dawnguard quests to manufacture the exploding bolts. I did leave a few extra weapons in the Crafting Room storage containers for a few followers. All weapons are upgradeable and can be enchanted.  They are, however, slightly tweaked to be faster and a little bit more powerful.

Also there are two horses in the stables, again, slightly tweaked to be a little faster with better health and stamina.

I did everything I could to ensure the textures I used were legal or free, if by chance you see anything in this mod that is yours please
contact me, I will remove/change it or give credit to you for it, your choice.

Again, under no circumstances is this mod or any part of it to be used for pay mods or uploaded to any other sight. (It is a requirement
for some of the assets I used)


Lazz and jgreybear for the use of their Ayleid Resources and the push as well as the help from Lazz to get started in modding.
Check out Lazz's player home mods, there will be links to his other outstanding homes on these pages:                                                                                
for General Stores
Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair
Blary for OpenBook and BookSetResources and
 for some great meshes and textures, just search for Stroti or Tamira.
for the Modular CraftingTable resource
for the CherrywoodAlchemy and Enchanting station resources
Berticus0001 also for some great meshes and textures and some awesome tutorials.
for the carpet mesh, wallcharts and who knows what else (this person provides so many resources)
DarkFox127 for his amazing tutorials

I want to give a special thank you to Nicoroshi for allowing me to use his FTB (For the Brotherhood) daggers. I like them so much I just had to add
them. If you like them go to his site and endorse his mod. 

Now for a requirement I need to add for some of the textures used:
"One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information."