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Just a quick patch between Immersive Armors and Master of Disguise, adding the faction armors in Immersive Armors to Master of Disguise

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Update on the patch, I have gotten a MoD 5.0+, however, I modified it with Tes5Edit to accept USLEEP, and I requested to the provider that he leave it open for others to download and update it with the version that accepts USLEEP as a master file, however I am currently waiting for his confirmation Yea or Nay, I am currently going to update the patch, and I have removed USLEEP as a master for the patch. Enjoy.

Immersive Armors and Master of Disguise are both awesome mods that would work well together, so I added certain
armors from Immersive Armors to Master of Disguises list of faction

Master of Disguise
Immersive Armors

All this mod does is edit the FormID List for Master of Disguises to include the faction armors for immersive armors, so all the above are necessary. If either mod is updated please send me a PM so I can update the mod, or make your own through TES5Edit.

1.1: changed master to esm so that it works w/ MoD 5.0+
1.0: initial release

ALL CREDIT goes to hothtrooper44 and fireundubh so go thank them on the awesome mods, all i did was a tiny edit to make them work together like I wanted, so I deserve no credit

Pictures coming soon, Please upload some as well!

If you find any armors that you think need to be added to the factions, tell me, I probably missed a few sets