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Now you can cut Skyrim Vanilla cheeses. Whole wheels or partial. 9 new cheeses. mesh and texture paths fixed properly.

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This mod allows you to cut Vanilla cheese wheels and partially cut wheels into wedges.  10 for full wheels. 6 or 8 for cut wheels.  I did
this because I thought it was odd that you couldn't cut slices from a huge wheel.  I also added 9 new cheeses added to represent each hold. 
They are sold in full wheels only.  Sometimes you can find "freebie" slices around where you shop or stay.  I've added it to vendor items and
inn item lists so you should find them at most merchants.  If not you soon will as I am still adding cheese to specific areas and will update
as soon as that's accomplished.   I also added  a whole chicken to chicken death items.  Just consider the breasts you get vanilla wise as a
bonus.    To this end I've added a couple of chicken recipes. Also just because I like different foods I added a stuffed tomato recipe as well.

I used only Vanilla Skyrim, so I do not anticipate any problems. 

Thank you to Thank you to Oaristys and Tony67 for putting out the Modder's Resource Pack.  That is where I found the raw chicken mesh. ;D