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This mod remake the importance of silver weapons in combat when fighting certain enemies and add silver arrows and bolts to the game.

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Bring Your Silver

This mod aim to expand the silver and vampire weapon arsenal and rebuild the silver damage system, making specific weapons more relevant against undeads and others supernatural enemies.

Expanded Arsenal

Silver Weapons

Added Silver Dagger, Mace, Warhammer, War Axe, Battleaxe, Battlestaffs and Scimitars.

They are craftable at any forge with the steel smithing perk, can be found with the Silver Hand or bought from the Markarth backsmith or khajiit caravans.

Silver Ammo

Added Silver Arrows that can be crafted with steel smithing perk and silver bolts that can be crafted with Dawnguard side quest requirement and are carried by Dawnguard NPCs or can be bought by dawnguard vendors. 

Elemental silver bolts are also available via crafting along elemental steel bolts.

Dawnguard Weapons

Added Dawnguard Maces and Battleaxes to Dawnguard NPCs. Those (along the vanilla ones) can be crafted at the Dawnguard forge with the steel smithing perk.

Also, the Dawnguard can use enchanted weapons, including two new unique enchantments exclusive to then (these can`t be disechanted).

- Sun Ray: Burn enemies for 10 damage and reduce their magic resistance by 10% for 5 seconds. Vampires cannot cast spells for 2 seconds.

- Sun Blast: Target takes 10 damage and have 25% chance to stagger. Vampires also have their maximum health reduced by 200 points for 30 seconds.

Vigilant Weapons

Vigilants of Stendarr now carry enchanted silver weapons and two new unique enchantments were added exclusively to then (these can`t be disechanted).

- Stendarr Thunder: Target takes 20 points of shock damage and twice as much magicka damage. Daedra, Undeads and Werewolves are disintegrated when bellow 20% health.

- Stendarr Force: Target takes 20 points of force damage and twice as much stamina. Daedra, Undeads and Werewolves are knocked down when bellow 15% Stamina (15 seconds cooldown).

Vampiric Weapons

Vampire NPCs may carry vampiric weapons, they drain health on every attack and have a chance to invoke a swarm of bats that will damage hostile NPCs in the area for a short duration. These weapons can only be properly used by vampires and can be bought from vampire vendors.

- Vampirism: Absorbs 15 health from your target and 20% chance to invoke a swarm of bats that harm hostiles in the area for 5 points of health for 10 seconds.

(Non vampire character will have all stats drained by 100 points when equiping these weapons)

Unique Itens

Tyranus` Sword

Vigilant Tyranus carry a unique silver sword with a improved Stendarr Thunder enchantment.

Carcette`s Warhammer

Keeper Carcette carry a unique silver Warhammer with a improved Stendarr Force enchantment.

(Carried by Carcette before the vampire attack at Hall of Vigilant, found in Hall of Vigilant ruins after the attack)

The Skinner

The silver hand leader, Krev the Skinner, carry a silver dagger called "The Skinner" that deals +30 damage against werewolfs (this is a passive buff, not an enchantment).

Stendarr Set

A few Vigilant veterans wear the Stendarr Set that consist in a steel plate armor, boots, gauntlets and ring, these pieces have unique enchantment and when the full set is worn you unlock the Stendarr Aura effect.

Cuirass (Stendarr Resillience): Those Favored by Stendarr receive -15%> damage from Daedra, Undeads and Werewolves.

Gauntlet (Stendarr Holy Hand): Restoration spells are 20% stronger and Silver weapons deal +20%> damage.

Boots (Stendarr Supremacy): Grant +25% magic resistance when under the effect of healing spells.

Ring (Stendarr Soul Cleanser): When slaying any Daedra, Undeads or Werewolfs, you absorb their souls to recharge your weapon`s enchantment.

Full set (Stendarr Aura): Daedra, Undeads and Werewolves take
5 fire damage per second when in melee range.

(Worn by Vigilant Tyranus and Keeper Carcetter, also found in the destroyed Hall of Vigilant) 

Enemy Resistances

Some creatures are highly resistent to certain weapons, thus you need the right tools to deal with then.


Undeads receive -33% physical damage from non-silver weapons or from magic damage that are not affected by the Restoration school. Also, non-vampire undeads are 90% more resistent to sneak attacks.


Receive -66% damage from non-silver weapons but are 50% more vulnerable to silvered piercing weapons.


Receive -90% damage from non-silver, daedric or ghost weapons.


Receive -75% damage from non-silver, daedric weapons or elven weapons.


Receive -66% damage from non-silver weapons.


And for the player...

If the player is a Werewolf or Vampire, will receive +50% damage from silver weapons.

Also if the player has Werewolf blood or is a vampire and equip a silver weapon or Stendarr armor set, will suffer weakness, having all stats drained by 100 points if vampire and 50 points if werewolf in human form. This feature extends to Dawnguard weapons and Dawnbreaker for vampire players, a vampire equipping a Dawnbreaker in particular would be devastating.

Werewolf player in beast form also deal +50% damage against undeads.


- Dawnguard and Corrupted weapons are considered silver.

- Dawnbreaker and Sunhallowed arrows are considered silver when damaging undeads.

- Bound weapons are not resisted by any of the creatures above.

- Bow materials won`t matter, but the arrow used will.



Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
(Optional) ASIS (NPC Enchant Fix module)
(Highly Recommended) Bashed Patch


- Download and install with NMM or MO. Or manualy download and drop the content in Syrim Data folder.

- Play

In order to distribute the new silver damage system to NPCs:

- Download and install ASIS.

- Download Bring Your Silver and overwrite "NPCEnchantFix ini" file when asked to.

- Make sure that ASIS-Depency is loaded last in your load order and you have every esp you intend to use activated.

- Run the patcher located in Skyrim/ Data/ SkyProc Patchers / ASIS (again, only NPCEnchantFix patcher module is required)

- Play

Credits and Thanks

PrivateEye (Heavy Armory) for his Silver (mace, dagger and warhammer) and Dawguard (mace and Battleaxe) meshes

747823 (Weapons of the Third Era) for his Silver (waraxe, battleaxe, battlestaff, longsword and tanto) meshes

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