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A standalone armor set enhanced with magical runes.

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NOTE: I am no longer working on or supporting any of my Skyrim mods. Feel free to do whatever you want with anything I've created, no need to ask for permission.

A standalone armor set for the more mystic-minded. Stats are similar to Daedric/Dragonscale armor. (Frostmourne not included)

Craftable and upgradeable - comes in Light and Heavy armor variants. (Light version is found under Glass, Heavy version is found under Ebony.)

Can also be purchased from Birna in Winterhold.

1.6: Includes a glowmap submitted by ced909, later modified by myself.

- Move the included Data folder into your base Skyrim install directory.
- Turn it on in your launcher's Data Files menu.

- Delete ".../Data/Witchplate.esp"
Then delete the following folders:
- ".../Data/meshes/Telthalion/witchplate/"
- ".../Data/textures/Telthalion/witchplate/"