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Adds a relic 2H sword that you can upgrade by collecting souls with it. Each upgrade after repair unlocks a new power for the weapon. 8 rune upgrades total.

Permissions and credits

Had a bug with stage 3 IE upgrading to 2 runes, check sticky if you downloaded prior to v 1.02

Screenshot submissions appreciated, I would love to see what it looks like in other peoples settings etc :)

I. Video
II. Description
III. Installation

As usual, a more detailed and in depth version of this will be in Discworld, with a quest and more insane procs etc.

Adds a weapon in the War Quarters in Blackreach, the weapon is old and rusted from time but it still thirsts for the souls of the living. The sword requires 10 souls to be repaired and 50 souls for each rune upgrade afterwords. The sword can only be upgraded at the SoulForge located right next to where you find it. 

Once a rune is equipped the sword has a chance to proc each blade evenly on weapon draw. So with the first two runes you have a 50/50 of each per weapon draw, all 8 25/25/25/25. 

Each blade type has a basic dmg effect for the first rune and a added proc for the second rune. The weapon grows in damage and swing speed per upgrade. I tried to balance it enough to not be too overpowered but fit in with scaling. Damage types are frost, fire, shock, and essence, in that order for the upgrades and second upgrades. Essence steals life and mana with a proc on second rune to drain life for a few seconds. Fire frost and shock all have procs of hitting the target with a basic spell of that type. The initial rune dmg is of a medium level enchant while the second runes base effect dmg is increased 75% (I think, I was tired) 

Special thanks to 747823, who, apart from having a great username, put up free permission on Weapons of The Third Era here on nexus. I cant do base models worth a damn but I sure can gimick them up. Will most likely modify a lot of his weapons in the months to come for Discworld.

Pretty easy, as usual, 1 ESP 1 BSA, both in a ZIP, either unpack and manually drop both files into your data folder, or let a mod manager do it for you. This mod does have constant effects on the player while the sword is equipped so before you uninstall just unequip the weapon and you should be A OK. 

Q:  Do you usually write the Q&A part of this while waiting for fail youtube to render the preview video?
A: Yes

Q:  Were you inspired by FFVII
A: Maybe a weeeee bit

Q:  It's too bright, can we get a dimmed down version?
A:  Probably not, but maybe in DW if there is a issue, I think it looks badass

Q:  Will this break my game
A:  Hopefully not, I had 10 of them rotating and crap for the video and it handled it fine, no issues or bugs so far with this version of the weapon

Q:  This version?
A: Ya.. you shoulda seen the prototype, it crashed the graphics so fucking hard. This is toned down.

Q:   You should make it W and X compatible and do Y and Z to it.
A:  chances are if you are asking anything akin to this, you have no bloody clue how to mod or how much effort it actually takes. 

Q:  Can my followers use the sword?
A:  I think so, I don't think I put can't drop on it, and it should still inform you when a upgrade is available

Q:  Are you this awesome IRL?
A:  Better, ever tried hanging out with a potato, I'm 5 times as good as that. 

If we find any I will put them here. 

The blade animation and effects are linked to the blades equip/unequip so there is a chance you can screw it up by being disarmed or swapping equipment back and forth too fast, merely equip the sword, wait one sec, then unequip it to reset the globals and effects. No reports on this yet, just figured a in case warning lol, doesn't really affect anything more than visuals as far as negative. 

Anything that modifies cell 'BlackreachZcell03" IE War Quarters, probably safe bet not a lot does.