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Adds upgrade recipes for ALL types of Potions and Poisons, at a Cooking Pot. This way you can recycle your god awful potions. I.e. x2 Potions of Healing = x1 Potion of Plentiful Healing. Also adds crafting recipes for Soul Gems, excluding Black Soul Gems. Upgrade your Soul Gems and recycle Soul Gem fragments at the Smelter! Recipes for all frag

Permissions and credits
Allows you to combine Potions, Poisons and Soul Gems. 

Cooking Pot:
Potion I x2 - Potion II
Potion II x2 - Potion III
Potion III x2 - Potion IV
Potion IV x2 - Potion V

Poison I x2 - Poison II
Poison II x2 - Poison III
Poison III x2 - Poison IV
Poison IV x2 - Poison V

Soul Gem Fragment x2 - Petty Soul Gem x1
Petty Soul Gem x2 - Lesser Soul Gem x1
Lesser Soul Gem x2 - Common Soul Gem x1
Common Soul Gem x2 - Greater Soul Gem x1
Greater Soul Gem x2 - Grand Soul Gem x1

Notes: Some Potions and Poisons only have three recipes as there are only four tiers. I didn't include recipes for Black Soul Gems as I'd rather their distribution be handled by mods like Corpse Preperation - True Necromancy, Undeath and Immersive College of Winterhold. Feel free to use this in your own mod by merging with TES5Edit. No permissions needed.

Potions / Poisons Covered:
RestoreHealth, RestoreStamina, RestoreMagicka, DamageHealth, DamageHealthLinger, DamageMagicka, DamageMagickaLinger, DamageMagickaRecovery, DamageStamina, DamageStaminaLinger, DamageStaminaRate, FortifyCarry, FortifyHealRate, FortifyHealth, FortifyMagicka, FortifyMagickaRate, FortifySkillAlteration, FortifySkillBarter, FortifySkillBlock, FortifySkillConjuration, FortifySkillDestruction, FortifySkillEnchanting, FortifySkillHeavyArmor, FortifySkillIllusion, FortifySkillLightArmor, FortifySkillLockpicking, FortifySkillMarksman, FortifySkillOneHanded, FortifySkillPersuasion, FortifySkillPickpocket, FortifySkillRestoration, FortifySkillSmithing, FortifySkillSneak, FortifySkillTwoHanded, FortifyStamina, FortifyStaminaRate, Frenzy, Invisibility, Paralyze, ResistFire, ResistFrost, ResistShock, ResistMagic, Waterbreathing, WeaknessFire, WeaknessFrost, WeaknessShock, WeaknessMagic