Alchemy and Soul Gem Combiner by OccasionalCucumber
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Last updated at 22:33, 7 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 22:30, 7 Jun 2015

Allows you to combine Potions, Poisons and Soul Gems. 

Cooking Pot:
Potion I x2 - Potion II
Potion II x2 - Potion III
Potion III x2 - Potion IV
Potion IV x2 - Potion V

Poison I x2 - Poison II
Poison II x2 - Poison III
Poison III x2 - Poison IV
Poison IV x2 - Poison V

Soul Gem Fragment x2 - Petty Soul Gem x1
Petty Soul Gem x2 - Lesser Soul Gem x1
Lesser Soul Gem x2 - Common Soul Gem x1
Common Soul Gem x2 - Greater Soul Gem x1
Greater Soul Gem x2 - Grand Soul Gem x1

Notes: Some Potions and Poisons only have three recipes as there are only four tiers. I didn't include recipes for Black Soul Gems as I'd rather their distribution be handled by mods like Corpse Preperation - True Necromancy, Undeath and Immersive College of Winterhold. Feel free to use this in your own mod by merging with TES5Edit. No permissions needed.

Potions / Poisons Covered:
RestoreHealth, RestoreStamina, RestoreMagicka, DamageHealth, DamageHealthLinger, DamageMagicka, DamageMagickaLinger, DamageMagickaRecovery, DamageStamina, DamageStaminaLinger, DamageStaminaRate, FortifyCarry, FortifyHealRate, FortifyHealth, FortifyMagicka, FortifyMagickaRate, FortifySkillAlteration, FortifySkillBarter, FortifySkillBlock, FortifySkillConjuration, FortifySkillDestruction, FortifySkillEnchanting, FortifySkillHeavyArmor, FortifySkillIllusion, FortifySkillLightArmor, FortifySkillLockpicking, FortifySkillMarksman, FortifySkillOneHanded, FortifySkillPersuasion, FortifySkillPickpocket, FortifySkillRestoration, FortifySkillSmithing, FortifySkillSneak, FortifySkillTwoHanded, FortifyStamina, FortifyStaminaRate, Frenzy, Invisibility, Paralyze, ResistFire, ResistFrost, ResistShock, ResistMagic, Waterbreathing, WeaknessFire, WeaknessFrost, WeaknessShock, WeaknessMagic