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What's better than 1 Dragonborn fighting? Why 2 Dragonborns of course! Make Miraak work for you!

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Long before Miraak cast his spell over the isle of Solstheim, causing it's inhabitants to do his bidding and forget him afterwards, the Telvanni wizard Master Neloth was researching the island and it's history. True, there was not much written that had not been destroyed in the aftermath of the eruption of Red Mountain, but the bits and pieces he managed to put together led him to the conclusion that the very first Dragonborn had been on Solstheim, and had in fact not died, but been given a place in Hermaeus Mora's plane of Apocrypha, where he must serve the Daedric prince for eternity. Determined to find out as much about this first Dragonborn and his history as he could, Master Neloth managed to create a spell to bring Miraak to him. However, before he had a chance to try it out, Miraak's spell was cast over the land, leaving Master Neloth to wonder who Miraak was: had he heard the name in a dream? Now the spell to conjure Miraak lies unnoticed on a table in Tel Mithryn, waiting for someone to find it and call Miraak into their service. Who will it be?

                                                  Requirements: Dragonborn dlc
                                                  Installation: NMM or MO or extract to your Skyrim data folder
                                                  Spell lasts 3 minutes, costs 75 magicka, and requires the conjuration adept perk

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