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Dragonball Z Magic Sound replacment pack. Adds the Spirit Bomb, Special Beam Cannon, Burning Attack and Solar Flare to Skyrim.

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Back again with another sound replacer pack, this time we're letting the Dovakin learn a few new "words of power" (actually Magic sounds) replacing the Vanilla charge up and firing of magic with some awesome new Dragonball Z Energy Attacks!

Here's what get's changed:

Firestorm is now Trunk's Burning Attack

Blizzard is now Goku's Spirit Bomb

Icy Spear/Ice Spike/Ice Storm is now Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon ( They share audio files...what can you do about it?)

Magelight is the Solar Flare attack ( still non-lethal, but its great for blowing off steam in town)

Its all in english, sorry if you want japanese.

Installation Notes

1. unzip
2. drop into your data folder and Merge
3. Load loose files
4. Enjoy!

Endorsements and comments are appreciated. They help us gear what improvements can be made.

Inspired by kamehameha mod which is awesome!!!

Here they are in action: