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Combining two of the best games ever made...hope you enjoy!

Permissions and credits
For any Warhammer Fantasy players out there, thought this would be a nice addition to your game.  
Even if you don't play the game you may find it kinda cool :)

Inspired by the chess sets of Insanity Sorrow and Stroti/Tanmira, just got bored one day and couldn't put the keyboard down.  This is my first published mod, and I did my best to make it as vanilla as possible with a few minor additions.  

** up Console Command and type in FOV 25 to get an up-close view of everything.

Please, please let me know of any bugs, issues, critiques/enhancement ideas welcome. 

The little rascals in Dragonsreach had this room built specifically for this purpose.  I hear they'll add a painting area soon...maybe a 2nd table...maybe an actual playable game??

-- UPDATE V2.1 Sept 17, 2015 --
As I've been experimenting and learning NifSkope, Gimp, etc, I've been able to fix the the issues with this mod...
  • No more incompatible textures/meshes
  • Created low-res textures for most armors, landscape, and architecture...should improve speed, quality, and play-ability a LOT!
  • Added some new items...books, drinks, figs, etc

The pics included have no ENB, and just a few texture mods.  The room architecture itself will change with your Whiterun texture mods.

If you see any other issues plz PM me and I'll troubleshoot/fix.


Bethesda for the game 
Tamira for making sooo much content available...notably Stroti
Darkfox this guy!
Gang at FPI research
Blary for awesome resources
BetterBecause for cool painting bases
anyone else I may have missed... 

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