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Some standalone eye textures.
27 Textures for Humans, 40 for Orcs and Elves.

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A few eye textures that I've put together.

There's different textures for humans, elves and orcs.

27 Textures for Humans.
40 for Orcs and Elves.

Won't replace anything.

There aren't that many textures yet,
But I continuously keep adding more textures form time to time.

The Arella eyes and Shiny Pixie eyes have both a glowing eyes version.
So there's both a non-glowing and glowing version in the same file.
I've also added black sclera on the Arella eyes, for better glow.

New files!

I've put up 3 different files,
in case people want different stuff.
 They might seem abit confusing, sorry for that,
but if they are, it's just to ask for more details on the different files.

But all in all, if you want ALL variations, download the full pack!

!Please read!
The glowing textures will work best with any enb,
idk why that is, but the glow isn't really see-able without enb.
They will still glow without, but the glow is rather faint,
so you'll probably just see the eyes without any "glow" effect.

I will show a comparison right now

This is with the Purple eyes at night with and without enb.
Here you can see that the glow hardly is there without the enb.
But with enb you can see the glow much more visually.
Some of the textures give less glow than others, it's just the colors fault for that.


And when that is told, I really wish I knew how to make them glow better without enb.
But sadly, and I apologize, I'm not experienced enough for that, haha.

Anyways, I've literally worked with these texture for 3 days straight now.

I hope you'll like these <3

~I'm also open for suggestions~

You're free to use these textures however you wish, but I do ask that you credit me