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Sima Mod
--------More Light--------
 The face lighting along with ambient lighting

This mod Very simple

Face lighting

To illuminate the body and ambient lighting 

A permanent illumination

Immobile, constant

The character itself and the surrounding lighting

Skin color appropriate color is used

Central lighting:Face surroundings


Look at the pictures
To see the difference:
Ambient lighting:
Face lighting:

Look at the video


Q:Have spells like candleligth
  giving the light.
So why this mod?

A:Because Candleligth
  There are time limits in this spell,
and moving in different colors
Sima Effect gives you
permanent lighting
Constant lighting
And a color close to skin sunlight


1.4 version added:Face lighting Aim npc+Face lighting Aim npc White

Make older versions of files ineffective
and deleted
After installing this version 1.4

Q:What does this spell?
A:In this mod ,very dark places ,it gives enough light
And for your face and body

How do you get?

You go to "Dragonsreach in Whiterun"
You buy magic  books

Change log
Version 1.4
  • Added Face lighting aim npc spell
  • Added Face lighting aim npc - White color version spell
Version 1.3
  • Added White color version spells
Version 1.2
  • Added face lighting spell
Version 1.1
  • Clean Update.esm Master file.
  • Changed Light radius and the ambient lighting settings 
  • Deleted unnecessary files 

you encounter any problems
Delete old versions
then save the game
Exit game
To install latest version

Information about the mod name
Sima: Turkish name
English meaning:
visage,face,front etc.

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Have fun...