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This mod adds a Compass that you can craft and equip.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a compass that you can craft and equip. I made this mod for my personal use. I really wanted something like this, and when I couldn't find it I thought I'd try and make it myself. After a lot of tutorials, and a few headaches, here it is. Hope you enjoy :)

How to craft
You can find the compass under the Dwarven section at any forge.
To craft you need:
A filled common soul gem
A gold ingot
A Dwarven metal ingot
A roll of paper
An inkwell

You can also, as of version 1.42, buy it from Calcelmo in Markarth. It's added to him via script so you shouldn't have any compatibility issues.

Notes on the compass
The compass isn't like a normal compass. It is magical, not magnetic. So the needle will point to the direction you are facing, not north.
How it works is each needle position is actually a different object, and the mod will equip the right needle for which direction you are facing.
You can set the max positions to 8, 16 or 32. More on this below under The Spells.

When you equip the compass, your game sound effects will be muted, unless you disable the Auto Update feature. This is because while you can set an object to be equipped silently, you can't set it to be unequipped silently. This is a bug with Skyrim papyrus. So, if I didn't do this, each time your needle position changes it would play the un-equip sound. Super annoying. As of version 1.3, a mystic drone will play when you equip the compass, and a ding will sound when the needle changes position.

The compass uses the extra slots 59 and 60 and is positioned for the unarmed animation. So, un-equip whatever is in your right hand to view the compass properly. As of version 1.4 the mod will automatically un-equip the spell or weapon in your right hand when you equip the compass, and will re-equip said spell or weapon when you un-equip the compass again. You can leave the compass equipped, but it's not recommended unless you disable the Auto Update feature, as the scripts will keep running and slow your game down.

Yes the compass is scripted, but when you first craft the compass five lesser powers will be added so you can customize and tailor it to your system. The scripts will only run if you have the compass equipped, or when you cast the spells. In general the more scripts you have running at any given time the slower your compass will react.

The Spells
Compass Heading Auto Toggle: By default when you equip the compass the mod will check your position every second using a single update loop. This spell will disable that feature, and will only re-position the needle when you cast the Compass Heading Update spell. If you enable Auto Update after disabling it, you will have to re-equip your compass for it to take effect. You can also change how often the mod checks your position in the console. To do this open the console and type in "Set CompassUpdate to" followed by the number of seconds you want. Default is 1.0. You may want to set it higher if you have a lot of mods with scripts, or lower if you don't have a lot of scripts and think your system can handle it.

Compass Max Needle Toggle: This toggles the max positions your needle can be in to 8, 16 or 32. Default is 16. The more possible positions, the more accurate the compass, but the more the script will have to calculate. So, if you want the compass to react faster set it to 8, if you want it to be more accurate but don't care much about the delay set it to 32. If you have a lot of mods with scripts it's recommended to keep it at 8 or 16.

Compass Heading: This spell will offset the North position of your compass to the direction you are facing. So if you are facing West, the needle position of the compass will be North. If you turn 90 degrees left, you will be facing South, but the compass will point West. This is useful if you want the compass to point to a place you are trying to get to, instead of North.

Compass Heading Reset: This spell will reset your compass so that North is North.

Known Bugs / Potential Issues
When you un-equip the compass, the compass always un-equips before the needle. So you will see the needle floating above your hand for a second before it's removed. Sometimes the needle isn't removed at all. If this happens you have to un-equip it manually, it should be at the bottom of your armor inventory list, as all needles are named z compass needle.

Exterior vs Interior directions:
Skyrim handles Exteriors and Interiors very differently. In an exterior world space you can just use GetAngle to get your heading, but in interiors your heading is based off the North Marker in the interior. So, this mod will attempt to get the nearest North Marker to your player, if you're in an interior, and adjust accordingly. If you aren't close enough to a North Marker this might not work. I've tested a bunch of interiors and haven't run into issues yet, but I obviously can't check every one. I'm pretty sure I made the radius check large enough to cover most area's.

Things to do
I want to add a compass that points to your custom map marker, but I can't find the specific reference to that in the CK. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know. Thanks!

This mod will conflict with other armors that use the slots 59 and 60. The compass will un-equip those armors.

This mod also edits the playable races so that slots 59 and 60 can be viewed in first person. Load this mod late in your load order and make a bashed patch with Wrye Bash for maximum compatibility. I use this mod with 350+ other mods in my load order, some of which alter the races and this method works for me. If you are using a custom race the compass won't show up in 1st person unless slots 59 and 60 are enabled for that race.

This mod may conflict with other mods that alter the default hands mesh, or 1st person unarmed combat animation, as in the compass might not show up in the right position.

Just the latest patch of Skyrim. That's it.

If installing for the first time simply extract to your Skyrim/Data folder and check in your load order.

If updating from a previous version:
Remove the compass from your inventory and make a new save.
Install the new version. Overwrite when prompted.
Load your game and add the compass again to your inventory.
Cast the Compass Max Needle Toggle spell at least once before equipping again. This will reset the scripts.

Un-equip the compass and remove from your inventory. Wait a second and make a new save.
Uncheck from your load order or remove the esp from your Skyrim/data folder.

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Tools used to make this Mod
Modified Nif Scripts by BB Drac
Ardour D.A.W
Skyrim Script Editor Pro
The Creation Kit
A Calculator

Nerjal's Texture Resource Packs
To Sahiley for testing and idea's for improvement on the compass.

You are not allowed to use this mod or its assets to make money.
This mod is Nexus Exclusive. You are not allowed to upload to other sites.
You are free to modify this mod or use its assets, as long as you follow the conditions above, give me credit and let me know what it is you're making.

Shameless Self Promotion
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