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davnat and Fraper and Psyke23 and NoseGoblin and BurnInHeaven

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a better theives guild master armour look.........

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Thief Guild Master armor replacer


Wasn't pleased with the vanilla thieves guild master armor for the player; i cannot mod very well so I found two nice armors on nexus to replace it, one for a female version of the guild master armor has now the "Triss Armor Retextured" while the male guild master armor is "Aragorn Ranger armor Nightingale Retexture" thus those meshes and retextures will replace the vanilla guild master armor.
(see my mod Thieves Guild Retextures for a retexture of the regular thieves guild armor, that mod along with this mod makes the thieves guild look much better in my opinion)
Also checkout Pants for leather armor (looks better) see Dude wheres my pants Leather Armor by Nivea at for a better looking leather armor.

this mod replaces;

guild master armor (for both male and female)
guild master gloves (only for female)
guild master boots (only for female)
guild master hood (only for male)

Installation (Manual):
- Download the main file
- Open the main archive and move the textures, meshes, to Skyrim data directory. (These are all the files required)(just follow the file path)
c;\program files\the elder scrolls v skyrim\data

Uninstallation (Manual):
- Remove the textures, meshes

I did not make any of these meshes or retextures; what i did was edit their file path locations so that they only replace the files i want for in my opinion they suit best the guild master armor; subsequently this will also change any npc that has guild master armor which makes the thieves
guild look better--see pics.

all credit goes to;

Fraper for providing the triss armor "Triss Outfitt For TES V Skyrim"

Psyke23 for providing the "Triss Armor Retextured "

NoseGoblin for providing the "Assassins Rangers and Thieves armor"

BurnInHeaven for providing the "Aragorn Ranger armor Nightingale Retexture - LOTR "

Have not had any bugs/issues but if there are comment, i am new to modding so dont expect miracle fixes.

Comment, endorse its all good, All THANKS GOES TO Fraper, Psyke23, NoseGoblin, BurnInHeaven

You may use this mod so long as you mention it origins and creators.

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Pants for leather armor (looks better) see Dude wheres my pants - Leather Armor by Nivea