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Rebuilds walls and adds various faction appropriate details and other immersive details to the main forts of Skyrim.

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"Funny, when I was a boy, Imperial walls and towers used to make me feel so safe." -Ralof

Video Review Courtesy of DonProtein! Thanks Don!

A Word from the Author!

Update for 12/21/16
Special Edition Release is out! Get it here:

Update 0.7 is out!

This update contains the much sought after and ferociously demanded
Fort Hraggstad and Fort Neugrad fixes!

What does this mod do?

The forts of Skyrim look as though they have been abandoned for 400 years. This mod aims to change that up a little. New structures and walls have been built in the major forts of Skyrim. Some walls are still wooden palisades until a civil war faction takes over from the bandits. The walls and decorations will dynamically change depending on which faction currently has ownership of the fort. Shrines to Talos dominate Stormcloak forts while shrines to Akatosh take up the mantle in Imperial held forts.

What Forts have been changed?

Fort Greymoor
(Including the ruins of Greymoor Fields)
Fort Sungard
Fort Greenwall
Fort Snowhawk
(Including the ruins of the city of Snowhawk)
Fort Hraggstad
Fort Amol
Fort Kastav
Fort Neugrad
Fort Dunstad
Northwatch Keep

What changes have been made?

All forts now have shrines to the appropriate god depending on the faction that currently holds the compound. There are now also quartermasters in each fort to allow role-players and soldiers of fortune to trade goods. Various areas of the forts have now been opened up and new rooms have been added.

Fort Amol, Fort Snowhawk, Fort Hraggstad and Fort Sungard now have an area the player can call home known as "officers quarters".

Palisades and walls will now change, be removed, or added depending on who controls the fort.

Fort Greymoor is more developed around the road the Whiterun. A village and quaint farms surround the walls of the fort. Or they did until the Siege of Greymoor. Now a pitted field of mud and blood they offer a glimpse into the quiet past, one the peasants wish to quickly return too.

Fort Snowhawk contains the the ruins of the city of Snowhawk. Originally mentioned as far back as Arena the city was no where to be seen in Skyrim. The city was most recently mentioned in Oblivion. So I knew it existed somewhere. *Made up lore incoming* the city was standing up until 35 years ago when a cult believing a meteor would pass by Nirn and deliver their souls to Aetherius poisoned a grain shipment from the nearby farms in order to end their lives the moment the meteor passed. In a traditionally comedic twist the carts from the farms went to the wrong places. The cultists survived the meteors passing while the baker unwittingly baked poisoned bread and thus killed 60% of the population. The surviving cultists left the city soon after leaving it to rot.


Anything that edits the forts interiors or exteriors.
SLIGHT incompatibility with HOLDS at Northwatch Keep. Nothing to major just some minor clipping.
Immersive Bandit Camps:

What do I do now?

Download it! Explore and enjoy! Start a new game to see the full changes from Bandit held forts to CW Faction forts! I've only uploaded a fraction of the pictures that I should have in order to encourage exploration!

Current Release

0.7 Update: Fixed the issues with Fort Hraggstad and Fort Neugrad! Some small clutter tweaks and minor fixes.

0.6 Update: Fixed Gray face bug, Added new tower to Fort Hraggstad making use of the doors that I already added, CLEANED THE MOD with Tes5Edit, slight clutter fixes and changes.

0.5 First Release: there currently is NO LOD present. I will hopefully get around to it in the near future.
In the meantime I suggest using TES5LodGEN or DyndoLod for the best experience.