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This mod fixes the A.I. of the Skeleton, Dwarven, and Animal minions and makes the mooks you can hire in Perkus Maximus look different.

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Better Skeleton, Dwarven, Animal, and Mook Minions - A PerMa Plugin

This mod fixes the Skeleton, Dwarven, Animal, and Mook minions in T3nd0's Perkus Maximus.
Contents of Mod:
  • Better A.I. for Skeleton, Dwemer and Animal minions.
  • Skeletons, Dwemer, and Animal minions won't attack you on sight when you "hit them" by mistake.
  • Skeleton Mages will no longer get stuck in their casting animations and becoming utterly useless.
  • Spells and Equipment randomization for Skeletons & Mooks.
  • Added over 40 new looking NPCs for the Mooks (that is two males & females per playable race!) This was done because It was creepy that all the mercs you hired looked like the same guy...

I made this mod for personal reasons, but then I thought "Why keep the pleasure all to myself?" So I decided to uploaded this file to the Nexus. Consider it a contribution to the Skyrim Community and to one of its greatest mod authors.


T3nd0 - for his amazing work on Perkus Maximus
Bethesda - for a great game