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Add all perks to your character in one fell swoop!

If you're anything like me, you play two versions of the game: vanilla mode, without any cheating, playing the game as it was intended, and then playing like a god(dess), unlocking every nook and cranny of the game while being able to one-shot dragons.

The 'player.addperk' command allows one to add a perk without having to spend a perk point on it, and ignoring its requirements (skill points, etc). It must be, however, used with the hex address of the perk, and it is very tedious to look each one up with the 'help' command.

This text file takes the tedium out of it. The Skyrim console allows for the use of batching commands, and this file allows you to add all of the perks in Skyrim at once!


Just drop the file "perks.txt" into your main Skyrim directory.

Then all you have to do is bring up the console in-game (` key), and type 'bat perks', and it should add all perks to your character.

Bring up your skills window and bask in the glory of all of those shining constellations!