About this mod

This is my first expansion that specifically refers to guards and soldiers. A work in progress!

Permissions and credits
I. The Concepts

Cultural diversity means the various aspects that particularly represent different cultures, such as language, traditions, cuisine, religion, customs, family organization model, politics, and other characteristics of a group who inhabits a given territory.

Cultural diversity is a concept created to understand the processes of differentiation between the various cultures that exist around the world. Multiple cultures form the so-called cultural identity of individuals or a society; a "brand" that personalizes and distinguishes the members of one place from the rest of the world population.


Ethnocentrism is a concept of anthropology defined as the vision demonstrated by someone who considers their ethnic group or culture the center of everything, so a more important level than other cultures and societies.
The term is formed by the juxtaposition of the word of Greek origin "ethnos" which means "nation, tribe or people who live together" and centrism that indicates the center.

Ethnocentric individual considers the norms and values of their own culture better than those of other cultures. This can pose a problem because it often leads to prejudice and unsubstantiated ideas.

II. So, what is the point of this mod?

This mod adds guards, Imperial Soldiers and Stormcloaks from all vanilla races and genders.  It is not the first time that I develop something like that - take a look at The New Vigil and Hammerfell Companions for example.

It is true that most of inhabitants of Skyrim are Nords but they are not the only ones. There are other races wich have been living in Skyrim for quite some time and made that place a home, however, I don't think they have been properly represented. And there is another issue, too: gender diversity. Diving into the lore, we can find some very distinguished women such as Legate Rikke, Maeven Black-Briar, Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone and Elenwen. But, in general, what is the weight they truly have in such a manly world? 

III. How does it work?

There are unique guards and soldiers while others were customized by making use of templates and A.I. Packages. There are different types of classes and gears: one-handed warriors, two-handed, dual-wielding, archers, mages, spellswords and so on. Many of these new characters start at level 10 and they will level with the player. They also got a boost in HP, Mana, Stamina and perks according to their classes and weapons.  

(A female Stormcloak at Darkwater Crossing)

Karovan, a Bosmer ranger that fights in Djamillah's squad.

IV. The element of immersion

If you visit guard houses or outposts and talk to some npcs you may have an insight about their daily routines. Reading their diaries and notes will lead you to potential threats and/ or items. Throughout your journey you may find them inspecting fortresses, caves, monuments and altars; they may be roaming the wilderness fighting dangerous predators or even supernatural creatures. Despite the Civil War, Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves and other fantastic creatures,the roads and its surroundings apparently will be a little bit safer.

(Dunmer guards training in Solitude)

Caelia, a guard stationed at Hjaalmarch Outpost  facing two werewolves!

V. How to install / Unistall

a) Use NMM or
b) Unzip the file inside your Data folder.

 - Manually delete the plugin if you wish to uninstall it or use NMM.




 Race And Gender Diversity Among Guards and Soldiers has got an update: Less Outsiders Among Stormcloaks and Vanilla Hair.

- There are new npcs; 
- Some A.I. Packages were created while others were changed;
- There is a new outpost in Hjaalmarch (actually, it was added for this plugin as the other one already has it); Take a look inside this new outpost. You may find some valuable items!
- I needed to check some voices for guards and soldiers;
- Texture and Meshes: I hope everything is working fine for everyone, now;
- There are four new followers:

Aleld Battle-Born
Class: Warrior (Sword and Shield)
Level: 12 - 800
Protected (can only be killed by the player)
* As you can see, he fights for the Legion. He will attack any Stormcloak, except the player.

Carmen Rackham(C) and Anja Cruel-Sea (R)
Class: Warriors
Level: 12-800
* They are Stormcloaks. If you pick them and run into Imperials, it is going to be a mess...

Rangela Gray-Mane
Class: Warrior
Level: 12-800
* Take a look into her bright eyes: you know what is gonna happen if you meet some of the Ulfric's boys, don't you?



There are two  files: 

One keeps the original concept of this project, which is racial and gender diversity among guards, Imperial Soldiers and Stormcloaks - all of them with vanilla hair.

The other one keeps the the diversity among the majority of guards and Imperial Soldiers but reduces the amount of non-Nords among the Stormcloaks. They also have vanilla hair.

- If you have already started Civil War, beware: there are Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers patrolling Skyrim. Some of them are taking main roads while others may be seen in the wilderness. These are not "standard" units: they are meant to be  deadly!

Reminder: having just a few outsiders is different than having none. The number of outsiders among Stormcloak ranks will never come to zero because if I do that, the original concept of this work is pointless.



- The latest version of Skyrim;
- Dawnnguard DLC
- The latest versions of Apachii hair (1.6 Full, Female and Male) 


Cultural Diversity – Khajiit – Argonian – Dunmer by Mathew Harper

Civil War Overhaul by Apollodown

Skyrim Monster Mod by Ironman5000

OBIS by Indigoblade

Enemy AIOverhaul by MyEvergreenHometown

Duel – Combat Realism by LogRaam

Deadly Combat by Borgut1337

Monster Mod by Dogtown1 and Ironman5000


Skyrim Witcher Experience by AlphaWolF



- Bethesda

- AfroSamurai2012

- Apachii for the hairstyles


- This is a NEXUS exclusive mod; it cannot be uploaded anywhere else.

- If you want add this mod to your own project and make it public someday, for me it's okay as long as:

1 ) You give me and other modders involved the proper credits;

2 ) It does not disseminate racism, slavery, xenophobia, homophobia and religious fanaticism as elements politically acceptable. Yes, "it is just a game" but in the real world out of the matrix people are being persecuted, watched, humiliated and murdered by scoundrels that  find the elements that I mentioned above something "normal" or "funny".

Next Steps 

- Storylines and Quests