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Tower Asada is an Imperial Playerhome built into an old imperial fort. Don't forget to vote!

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An Imperial Playerhome
Playing as an Imperial?? Need a home to fit your faction? Look no further than Tower Asada! 


Second Floor

  • Armor Storage 
  • Weapon Storage 
  • Bed
  • Mannequin 
  • Safe
  • Chest 
  • Bookshelf

First Floor

  • Alchemy Table
  • Ingredients Storage
  • Potions Storage
  • Enchanting Table
  • Scroll Storage
  • Soul Gem Storage
  • A Shrine to the Empire featuring the Red Diamond Banner
  • Cooking Pot



  • Archery Range
  • Forge Area (completer with storage)
  • Located next to a river

*A million thanks to ginger78348 and hodilton for the amazing videos!!*


  • Skyrim is up to date

The Tower is located northeast of Chillwind Depths, down the path from Dragons Bridge.  


I don't know of any conflicts in terms of location. If this conflicts with any of your mods or any mods you know of, or any problems at all, please leave it in the comments and I will try to address it. Thanks!!

To instal: Simply download by either Nexus Mod Manager, quick and sweet or, manually download it. Don't forget to backup your saves just to be safe!
  • 1) Download manually from the 'Downloads' tab above
  • 2) Extract files into the Skyrim Data folder
  • 3) Launch Skyrim
  • 4) Enjoy!!

To uninstal:

No fancy scripts or gameplay changes here. Simply delete the TowerAsada.bsa and .esp or deselect the file in your Data Files tab in your Skyrim launcher. Be sure to get all of your valuable items out before you delete the file or they'll be lost forever.

Credits and Thanks