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Russell Crowe inspired save game

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Got a few request for Russell Crowe from gladiator. His race is Breton and he is named Maximus. I had to do a custom eyebrow texture for this one since all of the default ones were way off. Please comment and endorse, it makes me happy :)

Save is level 1 at the moment you choose between stormcloak and imperial.

To install:
1. Move Data folder into your Skyrim folder.
2. Move saves folder into Documents\My Games\Skyrim

- Added an update to the brows. To install just overwrite the old eyebrows, don't have to touch anything else.

Required Mods:
High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox

Note: The custom eyebrow is just a tweaked default brow that replaces malebrow_7, if you want it to replace a different one instead just rename it with a different number (1-11). Then in the game type "showracemenu" into the console, when the character menu comes up change the brow type to the one you switched it to.

I would like to thank Patronus for giving some guidance or I would have uploaded an inferior version.

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