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Journey beyond Skyrim and uncover the legacy of the ancient Dragonborn order in this small 30-60 minutes DLC.

New Spell, Conjure, Weapon, Cool Enchantment Sword, etc

Permissions and credits
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This version is not supported anymore, visit the Special Edition page here for a newer version.

Playthrough of the mod, by LightNight.

Tired of Skyrim pathetic enemies and bosses? seeking new adventures or want some cool new spells and equips?
You have every one of them right here!



- Epic new bosses.

- Very unique one-handed sword at the end of the mod.

- Cool new spells and summons.

- Unique settings.

etc, whatever, you just need to play it.



The idea of this mod start with this.
"How to make a challenging boss without an overpowered stats"
Then I added more and more things. Story, scripts, quests, etc... it finally became this mod.

** To start you need to Lvl 40+ and already completed "A Blade In The Dark" quest. Travel to Whiterun, Windhelm or Solitude to start the quest. A letter should be added to your inventory as soon as you met the condition and enter either of these cities.

This mod is designed for character level 50-60, it's up to you if you want to start right after meeting all the requirements.

 some content have been altered/removed in this version compared to the older version, this is a remaster after all.



Version 1.5
- Fix a bug that sometimes occur when loading autosave saves inside the Cloudsreach Tower.
- New decorations and loots, much more detail to each interior and exteriors.
- More natural wind direction with wind sound effect around exteriors. Improved the sea of clouds at the Cloudsreach Tower top.

Version 1.6
- An issue where the game is unable to sort the save file when saving in cells with an underscroll is now fixed.
- Minor adjustment which probably prevents crashes from occurring while fighting the boss.


 STORY; read if you want to know the whole story.

Books in the mod does not give you full information about the story, so here it is.

In the past, dragon ruled over mortal race, five dragonborn from various provinces gathered up and trying to unite both dragon and mortal together. Irelebor the snow elf, Ingus the nord, Fenrald the imperial, Thalth the high elf and Rendil the chimer. This is known as The Grand Paladin order.

They've been bestowed with a powerful weapon from Akatosh to aid their effort, everything's going fine and steady, the group reputation spread all over Tamriel over only few years. They build a tower far off from the continent to hold the weapon, the Blade of Akatosh. 

While everything seems alright, no one realize that Rendil was bounded to a contract with Molag Bal, a deal that grant Rendil immortality in exchange for him to deliver Nirn to Molag Bal.

As time passes, three of them passes away of old ages, Irelebor and Rendil still lives because of them being elves, this is the perfect opportunity for Rendil to steal the sword and complete his contract. He fought Irelebor trying to steal the sword but failed, he fled away from the tower and hid himself from the world.

Irelebor knows that Rendil will eventually come back for the sword, he sealed the tower and the sword within. The three deceased Dragonborn was tasked to guard the sword in their afterlife by Akatosh.

After Irelebor heard about the last dragonborn, the tower was raided by Rendil and his elites. Irelebor decided to send a letter to inform the last dragonborn and defend himself inside the tower.




- Whirlwind Sprint Lesser Power by Nalacar.
- AeonVita For His Dragonbone Weapon Model.
- Tamira, Malos? For His "Malo Statue".
- InsanitySorrow Ayleid Clutter for Welkynd stone.
- DIntRCenter01 Fixed Mesh by squ3lch.
- Ancient Falmer Ivory Glass Weapons by GyntRyles.
- Vicn Creature for Scavenger Lord and Daemon model.

 I've received some message about using my boss AI script for another mod. Go ahead, I personally don't care that much about permission thing.
 I don't own anything other than my esp and scripts. U need to give credit/contact the owners before using other assets.