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Simple mod that adds coffee pots all over Skyrim, and lets you make Mugs of Coffee.

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  • Polish

Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.

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Hey, simple name for once. If you love coffee like me, this is a mod for you!
(Before you ask, I drink dark roast coffee, grind my own beans and use a French press)

I made coffee available in a few of my house mods, but since I've gotten a bunch of requests about this, I edited it to work as a standalone mod.


• Skyrim.esm :D


This mod adds a recipe for a cup of coffee that has different effects depending on which version you downloaded:

Vanilla: Improves your stamina regen and lockpicking for 2 hours (2 hrs because trying to make it seem like a coffee buzz, where you have more energy and you can get shiz done)

Realistic Needs & Diseases: Helps with negative alcohol effects (Cure hangover), improves lockpicking for 2 minutes, increases thirst
(since coffee makes you feel thirsty. Stop arguing this. If you don't want it, change it yourself. I know what I feel and it's my mod, silly people)

Coffee can be made from 1 water and 1 bowl of coffee beans, using coffee pots found in the world. In the RND version the bottle should get recycled.

Coffee pots have been added to all inns, all guild headquarters, some player hangout, all player homes and a couple of palaces. 

Coffee beans and water have been added to innkeeper's leveled lists.

The optional file, special edition, changes the mug to look like the one for sale in Bethesda's shop.
The normal edition doesn't have the print on the cup.


• If you have a mod that alters inn merchants, you probably need a bashed patch
• I recommend loading my mod quite early in the load order, before any other mods that alter cells, so that my mod doesn't overwrite any stuff from
lighting mods, inn overhauls and so on

• If you have a mod added player home or any other location where you want to add a coffee pot, you can use
Jaxonz Positioner. It has a duplicate feature and you can take the pot with you and put it anywhere

• Same tool can be used if you have clipping issues with mods that edit interiors where I placed coffee pots.
You can use the Positioner to fix clipping and other weirdyness caused by mod conflicts.


• There's a version for RND users, iNeed is adaptable enough to not need separate compatibility
• This mod is pretty much compatible with all other mods, but there may be some clipping if another mod alters the interiors I edited.
It's not a major issue, you can either use Jaxonz Positioner to move items, or disable the coffee pot and its stand.


• Stroti for the coffee pot and Tamira for converting it from Oblivion
• InsanitySorrow for the gorgeous dark metal texture on the pot and stand
• flintone/garnet for the coffee ingredients and coffee mug coffee
• Brumbek for SMIM tankard I used for the coffee mug base

:: THANKS ::

Jaden for testing
Jan for the idea (nagging at me until I made this ;] )