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This mod auto-equip shields when weapon is drawn and auto-unequip and places shield on back when weapon is sheathed.

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- Favorited shield is worn on back 
- Shield is auto-equipped when weapon is drawn
- Shield is auto-unequipped and placed on back when weapon is sheathed
- Choice between vanilla style (non-favorite) and back shield style (favorite)
- Optional register of weapon/shield combination
- When registered weapon is drawn shield will always be auto-equipped as well
- Torch equipping/unequipping supported
- Works with any shield
- Any shield can be auto-unequipped/equipped
- Any standard or DLC shield can be worn on back
- Auto-unequipping/equipping without delay
- Works with any skeleton (this mod does not touch your skeleton)
- Works with any armor (this mod makes use of shield slot only)
- Skeleton ShieldBack and custom Dual Sheath Redux shield support
- Follower support for 1 to 10 followers (tested with AFT and EFF)

- Dynamic DLC support (no DLC required)
- Only event triggered scripting (equip, unequip and animation events)
- No polling scripts!

How to use

To start:

1. Mark shield as favorite
2. Equip shield

To stop:

- Draw shield and unequip
- Equip non-favorited shield

To register weapon/shield combination:

1. Draw 1hd weapon
2. Equip favorited shield
1. Draw favorited shield
2. Equip 1hd weapon

Follower support:

1. Hire follower (and make sure he has a shield equipped)  
2. If follower has a shield equipped tell follower: "You don't need your shield now." 

    That's it. Now that follower will unequip shield and wear any vanilla shields on back.
1. Tell follower: "Grab your shield" to stop the support for that follower.

Installation and conflicts

Use NMM or any other mod manager or copy the unpacked files into your Skyrim Data folder. To uninstall, use NMM or delete Backshields.esp and Backshields.bsa. If you update make a clean save before installing the new version. If mod  doesn't work reset with the "Backshields Reset" note in your inventory. 

This mod is for people who want to wear a shield on the back without using DSpSoB or Dual Sheath Redux. Should not be used with DSpSoB or Dual Sheath Redux or Auto-Unequip Shields. Apart from this, there are no conflicts or known incompatibilities.

Works and looks great with Equipping Overhaul and HDT Equipment.


Skyrim and Update
SKSE 1.71 or higher

Compatibility, patches and add-ons

This mod comes with backshields for all vanilla and DLC shields, made to work with any skeleton. And, you have DeserterX's Ancient Draugr Armor installed the Ancient Draugr Shield is supported too.

Patches and add-ons for backshields:

Patches for custom followers like Inigo, Vilja and others you will find here: Custom follower compatibility patches by Memnochs

Patches for 'Ebony Weapon Replacer' and the 'Orcish Weapon Set' you will find here: Shield Position Replacer for AUSB by TCH 

Add-on backshields for some 'Immersive Armors' bucklers you will find here: Immersive Armors Bucklers by tb110569

Skeleton with 'ShieldBack' support (xpms, xpmse, etc.):

For use with a modded skeleton that supports wearing shields on back (e.g. xpms, xpmse, etc.) I have uploaded shield meshes which will support the skeleton's 'ShieldBack' function. Such shield meshes are optional: you do not need them for the mod to work, but if you want to scale or position a vanilla or DLC shield through 'Racemenu' you have to use these meshes. 

If you use a modded skeleton that supports wearing shields on back (e.g. xpms, xpmse, etc.) you can use any custom shield made for Dual Sheath Redux in addition to or instead of your own custom made shields (i.e. all shield mods made for Dual Sheath Redux will work with this mod too). 

Adjustment of shield position and making custom shields

Depending on the skeleton and/or body mesh and/or armor you are using, you might have clipping issues with the one or other backshield. If you want to adjust a backshield's position, download and install the optional loose files, get Nifskope and change the shield's position according to your taste.

To get a custom shield worn on back when the weapon is sheathed, you have to add a backshield for that specific custom shield. If you use a proper skeleton mod, you can simply make a backshield for use with Dual Sheath Redux (explained on DSR file site).

If you want to mod your own custom backshield that works with vanilla skeleton (or any skeleton), e.g. from a custom shield mod, download and install 
the optional add-on loose files. An example.nif and an example custom shield (for DeserterX's - Ancient Draugr Shield) is included in the add-on. A How to mod a custom shield is in the video section.

Get the shield.nif from any mod you want and copy the shield using Nifskope (branch copy) from the shield.nif into the shieldholder.nif included in the loose files. Then move it so that the fur you see in the shielholder.nif does not clip. (The fur is connectet to a bone like a backpack and will actually hold the shield in place, so don't delete that branch) To make the fur disappear change it's textue to (transparent texture). Now make sure you have the correct strings (compare with the strings used in the included shield nif-files) and save your new custom backshield. 

Thereafter, make the Armor and ArmorAddOn in creation kit for you custom Backshield (copy and paste from any other backshield). Leave the name unfilled.

Then, comes the scripting part. Go to backshields quest and edit the custom shield script. You need the name of the mod that has the original shield and the ID of such shield. Do like it's done in the script for the ancient draugr shield. Finally compile and link the properties. Save and try out.

Please upload your mods and share with us!


Do not upload my files to other sites. Feel free to modify my file; including releasing bug fixes or improving any of the features my file adds to the game, and upload it as a separate file. And please do not forget to credit.

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