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Mid Sized Shop In Solitude That Has Crystal And Stained Glass

Permissions and credits
Paula and Amanda`s Shop
      Paula And Amanda`s Shop Is A Shop That I Made To Include My Family In My Game.
      Paula Is My Lovely Wife, Amanda My Daughter And Nick My Son. The Shop Has 5 Crafting Benches To Craft My Stained Glass Lanterns.
      There Are Also 5 Other Crafting Stations Where Crystal Dragons, Merida Statue Candles, Shrine Bases, Crystal skulls And Crystal Horse Skulls To Craft.
      In Order to use the Crafting Stations You Will Need To Purchase A Crafting Token From Paula. Amanda Sells Items Needed To Craft The Lanterns,
      Candles And Crystal.  Or You Can Go Search For The Items Needed... The Items That Are Crafted Can Be Turned Off And On Be Activating Them..
      You Will Need To Use Jaxonz`s positioner To Move And Place Your Newly Created Items....
      I Hope You Enjoy The Shop As Much As I Do !!!!

If You Like My Store Please Indorse/Vote !!!!!!

   In The Shop You Can Craft The Following:

  • 11 Black Iron
  • 11 Bronze
  • 11 Gold
  • 11 Shiny Metal
  • 11 Weathered Copper

    Crystal Horse Skulls:
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Redish-Green

    Crystal Skulls:
  • Green
  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple

   Shrine Base:
  • 10 Different Art Textures

   Crystal Mini Dragon:
  • 10 Different Mini Dragons

   Meridia Candle Statue:
  • Dark Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red

  • Update
  • Dawngaurd
  • Hearthfire
  • Jaxonz`s Positioner

     Automatic -Use Nmm
     Manuel - Place The contents Of The Data Folder Into Skyrims Data Folder

Automatic - Use NMM
     Manuel - Delete The BSA, BSI And ESP From The Data Folder

The Shop Is Located In Solitude Below The Blacksmith....

   compatibility :

    Open Cities Skyrim - JK's City Overhauls --- YES --- Optional Patch, Just copy to data folder or Use NMM and When Asked To Over Write Yes
    Real Cities-Solitude --- YES
    Solitude Expansion --- YES
    Ultimate Solitude 2015 --- YES
    Towns and Villages Enhanced - Solitude --- YES
    Solitude Capital Edition --- NO
    True Cities --- NO --- Patch Maybe
    Solitude Reborn --- NO --- Patch Maybe

   LOAD ORDER: This ESP Right Above Bash Patch

  • Chesko For Wearable Lanterns
  • Apachii For The Awesome Hair
  • MissShazira For The Awesome Skin Textures
  • Tamira For Antique Statue, Assorted Resources And Strotis Cannon Resources
  • Ac3s For The Help With The Lighting Glare
  • Hisssa For The Animal Textures
  • Mentilreq For Lanterns And Candles

Upgrading to Version 1.3 -----
uninstall version 1.2 and open cities patch if used
Install Version 1.3 And The Updated Patch if you have Open Cities